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Why choose Everest Timber Windows?

Our timber windows include the latest advances in window technology and the following benefits make Everest Timber Windows the perfect choice for your home.

Unique to Everest

  • Installation speed – we install quality bespoke windows within 6-weeks of purchase
  • 30-year guarantee against frame profile and material  

Better warmth

  • A rated double glazing windows - which can help save on energy bills and keep you warm
  • Natural warmth generated by timber, which naturally retains heat
  • Optimum performance - 20mm gaps between window panes on double glazing, keeping cold air out
  • Low E internal glass to reflect heat back into the room and minimise energy loss
  • Q-Lon seals improve weather resistance as the seals have no memory and therefore always return to their natural position

Better security...

  •  Solid construction – with both Softwood (European Redwood) and Hardwood (Red Grandis) being laminated and engineered to add strength, eradicate knots and resist twisting
  • Extra secure for added peace of mindwith a multi-point locking mechanism and trickle ventilation for improved security, our timber windows exceed British Standards
  • Made to measure for a perfect fit as our tolerance for gaps is far less than other suppliers, we use a timber trim around the edge of the windows for a neater finish

Better looking...

  • Great choice of  sustainably sourced Softwood or Hardwood, both accredited by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and coming with the same guarantees
  • Low iron outer glass pane to improve window clarity
  • Great range of painted finishes on Softwood timber, helping customise your home
  • Finger jointing technologyImpressive stained finishes on all Hardwood frames, highlighting the beauty of the natural grain
  • Finger jointing technology to remove knots from Softwood and achieve a smooth finish (see image)
  • Trim finish on both internal and external frame, colour matching with the rest of your home
  • Easy clean hinges offering an optional extra to keep your timber frames looking great

Everest Timber Windows are...

Great looking

Great looking

A selection of opening mechanisms are hidden with innovative designs, giving the windows a smooth, tidy appearance. A range of paints and finishes provide a real opportunity to add character to your windows.

Naturally warm

Naturally warm

Timber is a material that naturally retains heat, and features like oir Low-E glass and draft resistant seals help ensure your windows maintain your homes warmth. 



Everest Timber Windows come with security features that exceed British Standards, enhancing the practical aspects of home improvement as well as the appearance of your home.

Find out more about our popular timber window options

Georgian bars

Georgian bars

Create a distinctive look by opting for Georgian bars, which can either sit between your glass panes for easy cleaning or externally for a touch of authenticity.


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Q: What are the main reasons for choosing a timber window?

A: Timber windows are considered by many to be the most visually pleasing type of window. Their natural beauty suits both traditional and modern properties. For many hoomes, particularly in conservation areas, timber windows are the perfect choice. They are also available in a wide range of painted and stained colours so you can create the ideal look to suit your home.

Q: Is timber prone to movement?

A: Timber’s beauty comes from the fact it is a natural material, and as a natural product some degree of movement in terms of expansion/contraction can be expected. However, with the engineered timber that Everest use, this movement is kept to a minimum.

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