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Timber Windows

A beautiful, long-lasting solution with timeless character

Everest Timber Windows are a great choice for traditional properties, offering timeless character and uncompromised style whilst also providing thermal efficiency to help keep your home warmer and cosier.

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The most stunning of choices


Timber windows are truly stunning, with a natural beauty and traditional style that truly stands out. Should you be looking to retain the look of an older property or give the impression of age to a newer one, timber windows are the perfect option to satisfy your needs.


There are many benefits to our timber casement windows. Timber is a natural insulator and we have engineered the product to achieve unrivalled A-Rated thermal efficiency. The fact our windows are made-to-measure means they won’t rattle in the wind and they have a storm-proof rebated design. Plus, the use of Low-E Glass reflects the heat back into your home, keeping it warmer.


Everest Timber Windows are available in three types:


1. Timber Casement
Most houses built since the 20th century have casement windows. Timber can help bring character to this style, especially with the addition of features such as Georgian bars.


2. Timber Sash
Truly impressive and deeply imposing, sash windows are easy to operate due to our smooth opening systems. Being able to manoeuvre the window gives you easy access to the outer pane, making it easy to clean.


3. Timber Dual Turn
Eye-catching windows practically designed to swing open and allow for easy cleaning. An original option to help make traditional windows really stand out.


Types of timber


Timber WindowTimber may be a traditional material, but at Everest we apply the latest technology to ensure a truly impressive performance.


There are two kinds of wood used to create an Everest Timber Window – Softwood and Hardwood – both of which come with the same guarantees and are Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited.


Softwood is made from European Redwood and is available in a range of painted finishes.


Hardwood frames are able to be stained, which really highlights the beauty of the natural grains. This is made from Red Grandis wood.


Timber WindowMaking our timber windows


Our expert engineering team uses timber to create a solid window structure. To achieve this, our timber goes through a lamination process, where the timber is specially bonded to help it strengthen. This makes it resistant to twisting, which a natural material like timber would otherwise want to do.


The windows are painted and finished to an exceptionally high standard and we use the latest paint technology to achieve a smooth finish.


Timber WindowFor our softwood, we use finger jointing technology, which eradicates the wood’s natural desire to knot. This technique makes the joints almost invisible to the naked eye – another great benefit to having an Everest Timber Casement Window.




The beauty of timber stems from the fact it is a natural product, but because it is natural, there is a certain amount of upkeep required to help preserve its unique qualities. It is important to clean the frames regularly with a soft cloth and water to help minimise any movement and slight changes in colour.


Is it suitable for your home?


Certain areas of the country, particularly exposed coastal towns, can be subject to the type of extreme weather conditions that make maintenance incredibly challenging… but don’t fret!


At Everest, our local consultants understand the conditions that are unique to your area, so they can offer advice regarding alternative materials for your windows should they believe timber may be unsuitable for you. In this case, it would be worth considering our Elite windows range, which combines the beauty of timber with the performance of the latest composite technology.


The security features of Everest Timber Windows exceed the British Standard too, so you can enjoy extra peace of mind. Not forgetting extensive guarantees of 30 years against rot and fungus, 5 years on paint and stain finishes, and 10 years on materials and workmanship.


Our beautiful timber windows come in a range of finishes, colours and glazing options, including hand-crafted leaded glass, so feel free to study them in more detail below.


If this product might be something you’re interested in, we welcome you to book an appointment so one of our expert local consultants can give you a free, no-obligation quote.


If you’d prefer a versatile, low-maintenance material, our excellent range of uPVC windows could be perfect for you. Or for a slimmer appearance, take a look at our stylish Aluminium frames.



Comparison Chart

  uPVC Timber Aluminium Composite
uPVC Premium
Surround n/a n/a Hardwood or direct fix n/a n/a
No. of Colours 7 colours 5 paint + 5 stain finishes 5, including one metallic

10 colours

9 two colour options

5 colours

4 two colour options

Materials & Workmanship Guarantee 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years
Guarantee against fog & condensation between the panes Lifetime 10 years Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Rot & Fungus Guarantee n/a 30 years n/a n/a n/a
Discolouration Guarantee Lifetime 5 years on paint and stain finish 25 years 10 years 10 years
Locking Mechanism Multi-point on casement
Fitch Lock on sash
Multi-point on casement
Fitch Lock on sash

Multi-point on casement

Fitch Lock on sash

Multi-point on casement
Fitch Lock on sash
Triple glazing yes - - yes yes
Casement yes yes yes yes yes
Tilt and turn yes - - - -
Sash yes yes - - -
Dual Turn - yes - - -
Finance Available yes yes yes yes yes

Our Timber windows are available in these styles:

The quality is excellent and is far superior to other products that I have seen.

Ms. H, Hertfordshire

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