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Side Hinged Garage Doors

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Why choose a side-hinged garage door?

Everest side-hinged garage doors are designed to be versatile and simple to use. Utilising two doors rather than one, you can either open both to manoeuvre a vehicle in or out, and just open one if you’re gaining access on foot or by bicycle. They are available in a choice of steel and timber.

Steel side-hinged garage doors

Choose from a range of colours, including woodgrain finishes. Each doors is made-to-measure for a perfect fit and boasts 0.6mm thick steel panels instead of the usual 0.45mm steel panels. The doors also have a better paint finish with thicker paint for a more durable, lasting colour. They are a secure option, and include 8 retention points (4 point lock and 4 shoot bolts), as well as a 10 year guarantee.

Timber side-hinged garage doors

Made from Red Cedar wood, every one of these garage doors is fully finished with a protective base undercoat and 2 layers of woodstain in a range of 6 wood stain finishes. The doors are a solid construction with a robust steel chassis. They include 8 retention points (4 point lock and 4 shoot bolts) and a 10 year guarantee on the door mechanism.

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Our side-hinged garage doors are...



Our steel side-hinged garage doors are tough, with 0.6mm thick steel panels. And our timber option is made in Britain from durable, solid cedar wood.

More secure

More secure

Because we have your peace of mind at the front of our mind, we’ve incorporated an eight point retention system as standard. So you know anything you keep behind your new garage doors will be well protected.


Comprehensively guaranteed

Comprehensively guaranteed

Our steel and timber side-hinged garage doors come with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee on the door and installation.

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  • Steel painted colours

    • Arctic White Arctic White
    • Black Black
    • Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Red
    • Charcoal Charcoal
    • Slate Blue Slate Blue
    • Traffic Red Traffic Red
    • Turquoise Blue Turquoise Blue
    • Mocha Brown Mocha Brown
    • Chartwell Green Chartwell Green
    • Dove Grey Dove Grey
    • Everest Blue Everest Blue
    • Golden Oak Golden Oak
    • Magnolia Magnolia
    • Porcelain Blue Porcelain Blue
    • Racing Green Racing Green
    • Battleship Grey Battleship Grey
    • Jet Black Jet Black
  • Timber stains

    • Burnt Oak Burnt Oak
    • Dalgerbia Rosewood Dalgerbia Rosewood
    • Dark Walnut Dark Walnut
    • Ebony Ebony
    • Light Oak Light Oak
    • Red Mahogany Red Mahogany


  • Steel side-hinged handles

    • Black Black
  • Timber side-hinged handles

    • Brass Brass
    • Silver Silver


  • Manual

  • Yes
  • Automatic

  • No


  • Steel side-hinged glazing

  • No
  • Timber side-hinged glazing

  • Yes


  • Door construction

  • 10 years
  • Paint finish

  • 10 years
  • Timber finish

  • 12 months