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Gloucestershire Double Glazing, Doors, Conservatories & More

Improving homes in Gloucestershire for over 50 years

Improving homes in Gloucestershire for over 50 years

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We’ve been helping homeowners in the South West for many years now. With over 50 years of experience and plenty of local experts available, we guarantee an extremely high quality service for all our customers.

Our Gloucestershire experts are on hand.

We currently have over 200 expert home improvement consultants and 140 installers in the South, all of whom work diligently to provide you with a professional and welcoming service. Our installers managed to complete an impressive total of 65,000 home improvements in the last two years alone.

We currently offer a great range of home improvement options including double glazed windows, doors, conservatories, driveways, flat roofs and more. So get in touch today to book your free, no-obligation appointment.

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Meet the team in Gloucestershire

Christopher Martin Deane

Christopher has lived in Gloucestershire for over six years, and from his home city of Gloucester travels to see customers in Evesham, Stroud, Ross-on-Wye and Cinderford. Previously he worked for four years on cruise ships, including with the parents of Lee Evans, themselves in the entertainment industry. Outside of work he's a homebrew beer fan, and his favourite film is Star Wars Episode 4 - aka the original one from 1977. He looks after all of our best-known products, including uPVC, timber and aluminium.

David Barron

If you told David to ‘get stuffed' he would probably take it as a compliment, given that his favourite hobby is taxidermy. But as he has been with us since 2008 and has numerous satisfied clients across Worcester, Cheltenham, Winchcombe, Gloucester and Lydney, we think it's unlikely anyone has ever wanted to be rude. Especially as his expertise stretches right across our product range, with a particular focus on windows of all kinds, whether timber, aluminium or uPVC, or in casement, dual turn or sash designs.

Keith Gibbons

Keith has always lived in the Wales/England border areas of Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Powys, so understands all the many different property types in this part of the world inside out. That comes in useful when knowing whether to recommend aluminium, timber or uPVC for a new front door or replacement window, as his customers in places like Brecon, Shrewsbury, Welshpool, Hereford and Ross on Wye can attest. He's been with Everest since 2003, and outside work is keen on travelling.

Philip Powell

For his 50th birthday, Philip dressed up as a tiger. We're not sure why, but we do know that no-one is fiercer than him in his belief of our products. He's also had customers in Cirencester, Worcester and Evesham, but also in Bourton-in-the-Water and throughout the Cotswolds, where he knows just what products and designs will work best (and meet conservation regulations). Not surprisingly, timber windows and doors, plus secondary glazing, are popular in these areas, but he also knows the benefits of all of our main ranges.

Steven Batchelor

Lovely Leominster is Steven's home town, and he's also responsible for towns and cities such as Hereford, Worcester, Bromyard and Ross-on-Wye, but many of his customers inhabit the beautiful villages and hamlets in-between. They all benefit from the full range of Everest products, as with 35 years' of experience with Everest, there's nothing that Steven doesn't know about our conservatories, doors, windows and much else. And we mean ‘much else' - he lists his main hobby as ‘very interested in the universe' - which certainly covers most things!

Paul New

From his home in Gloucester, Paul drives to his many customers in places like Cheltenham, Malvern, Tetbury and Cirencester. Well we assume he drives, but given that he collects vintage Lambrettas we're not 100% sure - so if a guy on a vintage scooter turns up to talk to you about our latest windows and doors, it may just be Paul. He also specialises in our other key products such as roof trim, patios, secondary glazing, artificial grass, alarm systems and flat roofs. His favourite film is The Green Mile and he joined the company in 2016.


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