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Why choose an Everest Security System?

A safe home is a happy home, and because we know how much you value home security, we’ve created systems that offer the following benefits:


  • Monitored 24-hours a day with someone there to act as soon as the alarm is triggered
  • Fully customisable allowing them to suit your unique requirements
  • Home security monitoring meaning you can check in even when you're away from home
  • Wireless systems leave them hidden and keeps the home looking tidy
  • User friendly - our control panels and key fobs are quick to arm and disarm for convenience
  • Guaranteed for up to 5-years for added peace of mind
  • Additional features providing plentiful options to strengthen security in and around your home

    What do you get with an Everest security system?


    When purchasing our standard home security system, you will receive the following:

    Standard system:

    • Control panel
      The main control for the security system. The control panel is hard-wired into your mains and also connected to your phone line. Here you will activate and deactivate the system using the tag or a key code. The control panel also has an alarm sounder built in.
    • Lightening Protector
      This is a back-up feature ensuring that your alarm system will work even if you have no electricity.
    • 2 key fob tags
      The key fob tag is a quick way to arm and disarm the system by simply touching the tag on your control panel.
    • 10 window/door sensors
      These discreet sensors sit on the frames of your windows and doors and will send an alert if they are opened whilst the alarm system is activated.
    • 2 pet immune PIR sensors
      The PIR (Passive Infra-Red) is a sensor that sits near the ceiling of your rooms and detects any movement. The Everest PIRs are also pet proof – so no need to worry about your dog or cat calling the police!
    • External sounder box
      This is the visible box on the outside of your home. It will be placed prominently on an exterior wall and has a blinking light on top, making it clearly visible.
    • Level-1 police emergency response connection (optional)
      Should you desire it, we are able to connect your alarm system so that the police are automatically called out should the alarm be triggered.

    Our standard system has been designed to cater for a home’s general needs, but for those who would prefer to create a bespoke system, we offer many additional features and options allowing you to do so.

    Additional features and options:

    • Dummy sounder box with strobe
      To add maximum visibility to your system, you can add this dummy box, which is indistinguishable from the real box. It can even be made to flash as though it were connected.
    • Remote key fob
      The remote key fob has its own built-in key pad to enable you to set and unset the system.
    • Extra key pad
      You may want to ‘hide’ your main control panel in an inconspicuous place. Alternatively, in a larger property, you may need another key pad near another access point, such as a back door, so that you can de-activate the alarm quickly.
    • Extra internal siren
      Intruders hate noise and with an extra siren to disturb them, they won’t want to stick around too long.
    • Garage door sensor
      Your garage may provide direct access to your house, or you may simply want to keep the contents secure. Garage door sensors are designed to fit all types of garage door and alert the system should they be opened.
    • Extra light-flash alert
      To draw extra attention to your system’s presence, your external sounder box can be equipped with a more regular flash to ward off potential intruders.
    • Smoke detectors
      For added security for your home and family, we can also fit smoke detectors.
    • Heat detectors
      Heat detectors are meant to assist smoke detectors, not replace them. Fires can be sensed by the rise of room temperature, and detecting this hazard before smoke has been formulated can give you some vital extra time to either put out the fire or evacuate the building.
    • Panic alarms
      Just to be as secure as you possibly can, you can also opt for the installation of your very own panic alarm, so the police can be alerted to any breaches of your home security at the press of a button.


    Choosing security for your home can be a daunting task, so to help you here are some popular FAQs which you might find useful.

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      Are Everest security systems secure?

      We take home security very seriously and always have it in the back of our mind when creating all of our products. Our standard security system comes with the option of a level-1 police emergency response connected to it and you also have the ability to monitor the system when you are away from home.

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      Do house alarms prevent break-ins?

      Yes. Anything that acts as a deterrent decreases the likelihood of intruders trying to force entry into your home. That is the priority; to stop people attempting break-ins in the first place. If, however, they do get into your home, an alarm system can make them scamper or at least cause them to hurry, which is far more assuring than having no alarm system in place at all. As an aside, our systems come with the option of perimeter protection and pre-entry detection, meaning potential break-ins can be thwarted before they have even happened.

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      How does the security system work?

      Our systems have sensors that can be placed at a number of positions around your windows and doors. When an intruder is detected, a signal is sent to an external sound box and a siren will sound. To turn the siren off, a fob simply needs to be placed over the control panel. In order to reduce false alarms, we can install pet immune systems that will not detect the movement of any animals within the home, therefore increasing convenience.

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      What are the benefits of installing home security?

      Knowing that yourself, your family and your possessions are safe offers something that is hard to put a value on. Our systems offer peace-of-mind whether you are at home or away, allowing you to enjoy your home the way you were supposed to.

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      Is a wireless system more effective than a wired one?

      It is certainly more convenient and eradicates health and safety issues. Beyond that, there are clear aesthetic advantages too, as wires can be difficult to cover, making your home look untidy.

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      Can I customise my security system?

      Yes. We do have a standard security system, which offers a great level of security, but as we are aware that every customer’s needs are different, we provide a list of unique extra security features to suit different types of home.

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      Are Everest security systems difficult to use?

      Our control panels are built to be user friendly and key fobs quickly arm and disarm the system, giving you maximum security with minimum fuss.

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      What kind of cover can I expect with an Everest Security System?

      With our security products, not only will you have complete peace of mind in terms of home security but you will also be safe in the knowledge that our monitoring and maintenance package will guarantee your hardware for every year up to 5-years.

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