Conservatory Roof Replacement



  • Quick and cost effective
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Choice of three roof types
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

Refresh your existing conservatory with a new, bespoke conservatory roof

We know many people find older conservatories too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter. If a change is required, replacing the whole construction can prove expensive. That's why we offer replacement conservatory roofs in three distinctive styles.

Benefits of a new conservatory roof replacement

More cost effective than a new conservatory

If your conservatory or orangery roof suffers from mould, condensation or leaks it’s definitely time for a refurbishment project. Conservatory roof repair or a replacement can breathe new life for a fraction of the price of a total rebuild. A leaking conservatory roof is unpleasant and unsightly, so why not invest in a refurbishment and add value to your property.

Built-in conservatory roof insulation

An older conservatory may offer little thermal efficiency and could cost you money as the heat escapes. Everest conservatory replacement roofs are also energy efficient so your new living space can be used all year round.

Built in lighting to illustrate that the replacement conservatory roof cost is well worth it
Two Everest specialists assessing a property with regard to the conservatory building regulations

Quick, hassle-free installation

We take care of all the necessary regulations (although planning permission is often not required for a new roof). Our installation meets accredited standards and our roof installers even dispose of your old roof in an environmentally friendly way.

Conservatory roofs, guaranteed for added peace of mind

It wouldn't be an Everest product without industry leading guarantees. That's why our replacement conservatory roofs are fitted with a 10-year guarantee against condensation, discolouration and leaks.

A choice of conservatory roof

An Everest livinroof on a conservatory


Livin'roof combines solid and glazed roofing seamlessly for a stylish look and thermally efficient room.

The Livinroof roofing system is constructed from insulated composite external panels and high-performance PU board insulation. These are strong and robust, and totally thermally efficient.

Livinroof can incorporate glazed panels that allow daylight to flood in. They can be inserted to replace almost any of the roofing panels. This lets you maximise light and produce a contemporary feel that is not easily achievable with other types of roofing system.

Everest tiled roof conservatory

Tiled conservatory roof

If you want something that feels more substantial than a glass roof conservatory, but still provides copious amounts of natural light, then our tiled roof extensions are the perfect solution.

They are specially engineered to maximise the amount of glass, but still have the strength and stability built in to support a tiled roof.

The sturdy insulated roof panels give superior thermal performance and comply with all current building regulations. With the added option of full height glass panels in the roof, you can let in natural light where required, creating the best of all possible worlds.

Everest glass conservatory roof

Glass conservatory roof

There is also the option to select a new glass roof with large glass panels providing copious amounts of natural light into your home.

Everest conservatory glass roofs have superior solar control eco clean glass, which will help to keep your conservatory cooler in the summer and make it easier to keep clean.