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Window Design Ideas for Modern & Classic Houses

New windows can be like a facelift for a tired looking home to boost the kerb appeal and potentially add value to your property. Have a look at our selection of window design ideas to get inspiration on what might look best for your home.

Window design ideas

Window Ideas & Design Inspiration

When installing new windows, aside from boosting the appearance, your house will also benefit from more heat retention and less sound intrusion.

The window design style that you choose for your home should reflect the age and style of the property and also complement the colour of the brick, stone or rendering.

Fitting the wrong design of window for your home might actually devalue the property if it negatively impacts the aesthetic.

Have a look at our selection of window design ideas to get inspiration on what might look best for your home.

Modern Window Design

Inspiration and design ideas for modern windows.

Modern Window Design

Modern and contemporary houses usually feature large windows with maximum area of glass. As glass technology has advanced over the last forty years, flooding a property with light has become more popular. Floor to ceiling windows and glass sliding doors and windows are the signature of the modern house design.

To continue the contemporary appearance, modern window design frames have a sleek and thin profile surrounding the expanse of glass. Usually made from aluminium, the frame is unobtrusive and minimal with clean lines.

Dark grey or black are the most popular choice to offer a contemporary look to a modern property and the colour you are most likely to see used on a modernist design.

The modern window design is usually a large picture window (without opening), or a sliding window.

A tilt and turn window can achieve the same effect of a large area of glass with unobstructed views and are usually fitted to new builds.

To finish the look of your modern windows, add minimal hardware to retain the sleek styling.

Thinking of new windows for your home?

At Everest, we offer a wide range of window styles that can be configured with many different options to suit your property.

Traditional House Window Design

Inspiration and design ideas for traditional windows.

Traditional House Window Design

The design of the window is integral to the character of the house. When choosing a window design for a period property or a traditional style of home, the architectural style of the house should be taken into consideration and be sympathetic to the age of the house.

Victorian and Georgian properties usually feature timber sash windows. A Georgian window will comprise eight-over-eight panes of glass configuration or a six-over-six. Victorian windows can be a single pane or two-over-two.

Most properties in London and many city centres in the UK feature timber sash windows (if the originals haven’t been replaced) and this style is most suited to the buildings in those areas.

Changing a period wooden sash window to a uPVC tilt and turn can actually devalue a property. Sash windows are not the cheapest option, but reconditioning or replacing them on a period home is strongly advised.

Cottages and rural properties usually have casement windows (the oldest style of window frame).

Old stone properties best suit side-hung casement style windows. The choice of colour would depend on the colour of stone and the location. Country properties suit greens, light greys and muted shades, whereas coastal properties opt for stronger blues and pastels.

Cottage window designs feature glazing bars that make the windows look assembled from small panes of glass. This style does make the area of the window look smaller, but offers a real authentic cottage window feel.

Traditional houses suit timber frames best. This isn’t the most affordable option, so you can consider a wood grain uPVC as an alternative for some properties.

uPVC Window Design

Inspiration and design ideas for uPVC windows.

uPVC Window Design

uPVC window frames are low maintenance and the most affordable option of windows which has contributed to them becoming the most popular types of material for window design.

uPVC has advanced considerably since the early double glazing of the eighties and modern quality frames don’t fade or become discoloured. They also benefit from being very secure with multi-point locking systems.

The most common uPVC window designs are tilt and turn or a casement style, but uPVC can be used for sash and sliding windows.

The most versatile of windows, uPVC comes in a wide range of colours and finishes. A wood grain effect is an alternative to the modern sleek finish and can look authentic enough for period properties.

uPVC window designs are wide and varied, with an option to suit almost any style of property.

Bay Window Design

Inspiration and design ideas for bay windows.

Bay Window Design

Bay windows protrude from the face of the wall to give extended views to both sides of a property.

The bay window design was created as an ornamental feature, but they do have a practical side. By opening windows on both sides of the bay, they allow more ventilation into a room. They also flood light into a room and make a room look much more spacious.

Many Victorian and Edwardian houses have bay windows as a focal point of the living room. Houses at the coast also use bay windows to take advantage of panoramic views.

Most Victorian bay windows were originally sash single pane windows. Many of these were ripped out in the eighties and replaced with double glazing seen as more efficient for heating.

If you are fortunate to have the original sash windows, you can have them restored with a double glazed sash to keep the character of the house.

Modern bay windows on new build houses would usually feature a central large picture window with side casements windows that open are the best configuration.

What Style of Windows Will Suit Your House?

When considering new windows, the first thing to consider is the age and style of your property. As mentioned, changing your windows to a style that doesn’t suit your house can devalue your property if you want to sell.

Alongside the style, it’s also critical to ensure the colour of the windows and the colour of the brick and stone of the property complement each other.

When choosing a new window design, consider:

  • What is the style of the original house?
  • What style of window frames did the original house have?
  • What material best suits this style of house?
  • What colours compliment the brick or stone of the house?

It’s always better to avoid choosing window designs based on current trends. Windows can last up to 30 years, so make sure to opt for 'classic' styles and colours that will still look good in 20 years.

At Everest, we have design specialists that can help you to choose the right style of windows to suit your property. Call us today to chat about our different window designs.

Everest Window Styles

Casement Windows →

  • Highly thermally efficient
  • An array of colour options
  • Smooth or woodgrain
  • Highly secure

Tilt & Turn Windows →

  • Opens in for easy cleaning
  • Tilts for secure ventilation
  • An array of colour options
  • Smooth or woodgrain

Bay Windows →

  • A sense of space and light
  • Panoramic views
  • Four different configurations
  • uPVC, timber or aluminium

Sash Windows →

  • Replica traditional design
  • Smooth running mechanisms
  • Smooth or woodgrain
  • Traditional sash furniture

Window Design FAQs

  • +
    What are the different types of windows?

    The main types of windows used in domestic properties are:

    • Casement
    • Sash
    • Sliding
    • Bow
    • Bay
    • Tilt and Turn

    There are many different configurations of these basic styles and other types of windows.

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    How can I tell what kind of windows I have in my house?

    Casement windows are the oldest style of window and the most versatile. Most windows are casement. It will have a basic frame and one side of the window will have an opener, usually to the side.

    The standard sash window has two framed panels that slide up and down crossing over, some have one fixed panel.

    A sliding window opens to the side, sliding horizontally. Imagine a mini patio door.

    A bow window unit projects from the room and 'floats' without the wall underneath.

    A bay window projects out from the exterior wall line and extends to the floor.

    A tilt and turn is technically a casement style but the opener has the ability to open in several directions for security and safety.

    Read more: Types of windows...

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