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Patio Doors

Bring the outside in with Everest Patio Doors

  • Light and smooth sliding for easy opening
  • Two, three or four-panel options
  • More glass, less frame than Bi-fold or French doors
  • Interlocking door leaves prevent draughts
  • Sizes from 118cm to 480cm
An Everest patio door

Let the light flood in

Patio doors are a smart, practical choice to let more light flood into your home and allow access to your garden. Choose between contemporary aluminium or easy to maintain uPVC.

Patio door materials

Everest uPVC patio door


  • Easy to maintain
  • Will never rot, rust or flake
  • Range of traditional colours
  • Two-colour options
Everest aluminium patio door


  • Adds a contemporary feel
  • Modern colour range
  • Three handle colours to choose from
  • Slimmer profile

Gallery of Patio Doors

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Patio door options

  • Options

Door colours

uPVC colour options


Cream Woodgrain

Cream Woodgrain

White Woodgrain

White Woodgrain

Golden Oak

Golden Oak



White and black woodgrain

White and Black Woodgrain

White and Golden Oak

White and Golden Oak

White and Rosewood

White and Rosewood

Aluminium colour options


Black semi gloss

Black semi gloss



Battleship grey

Battleship grey

Charcoal grey

Charcoal grey

Door handles

Handle colours:
Black Patio door handle


Gold Patio door handle


Chrome Patio door handle


White Patio door handle


The benefits of Everest Patio Doors

A white Everest patio door

A range of choices

Everest patio doors can be designed the way you want them. Choose between a range of frame and handle colours, from traditional golden oak to modern battleship grey. Add some extra style points with Georgian bars to give your patio doors a traditional feel.

Safe and secure

A larger glass area doesn’t make your door any less secure. Our glass is thermally toughened, making it incredibly difficult to break. We also use an internal glazing bead so the glass cannot be removed from the outside and an anti-life security strip prevents the door from being lifted out of the frame.

Close-up of a gold handle on a white Everest patio door
Everest white patio door

Thermally efficient

A 20mm gap between the panes, Low-E internal glass, weather resistant seals and trickle ventilation help retain the heat inside your home. Our patio doors are also fully insulated; the door panel engages into a channel in the outer frame to provide draught resistance.

Guaranteed for peace of mind


Everest uPVC patio doors will never rot, rust or flake and are guaranteed for 10 years. Our aluminium patio doors have a 25 year guarantee on discolouration of the aluminium profile and a 10 years on the whole door.


Choosing new patio doors can be a daunting task, so to help you here are some popular FAQs which you might find useful.

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    Are patio doors easy to break into?
    Many homeowners have a pre-perceived idea around the security of patio doors. Due to the large area of glass some feel that it is an easy way to enter the property. However, it is important to understand that intruders will find ways to break in that draws the least attention. Smashing through double panes of glass will not be subtle and most likely alert neighbours.
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    How much do folding patio doors cost?
    Bi-fold doors are constructed from individual glazed panels (or leaves). Ideally you would look to fit bi-fold doors if you have the space to fit three or more panels. The size of the door opening that you are going to fit them will determine the number of leaves in the door set and therefore the price.
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    What is the standard size for a patio door?
    Standard patio doors are 2.1m high and come in 2,3 and 4 panels. However, there are many options to consider when choosing patio doors. Most of the time the size of the opening will denote the amount of panels. A standard panel width will be around 1m.
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    How much to supply and fit patio doors?
    The cost to supply and fit patio doors depends on a variety of factors. The size of the door opening, the amount of panels and fixtures will all effect the overall cost of your patio doors.

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