Edwardian Conservatories

uPVC Edwardian conservatory

Edwardian Conservatories

Bold modern design with a traditional twist

  • Rectangular shape for maximum floor space
  • Sleek lines & pitched roof
  • Fully bespoke to suit your needs
  • Built to last & guaranteed

What is an Edwardian Conservatory?

Edwardian conservatories are a great way to expand your home with a bright, open living space. An Edwardian conservatory, also known as a Georgian conservatory, has clean lines, square corners and a pitched roof with a central ridge. Although similar to Victorian conservatories, the Edwardian has more subdued lines with a focus on lightness and openness, but with elegant design features characteristic of the Edwardian era. There is also a Hip-Back style where the roof slopes back towards a box gutter on the property from the central ridge of the conservatory roof, making Edwardian conservatories perfectly suited to all properties including bungalows and those with height restrictions. Our Edwardian conservatories can be tailored to your exact needs including a choice of frame colour and roof type to help make your new conservatory truly bespoke.

Why choose an Edwardian conservatory?

A large uPVC Edwardian conservatory

Maximum floor space

Edwardian conservatories are a cost-effective way to add space and comfort to your home. An Edwardian conservatory is often seen as the best choice because they are suited to all property styles and having a bold, symmetry square or rectangular shape means it will maximise the amount of available floor space you have.

Light-filled spacious room

Consisting of plain glass panelling and large windows, Edwardian-style conservatories amplify the amount of light that enters your home, which will also create the impression of more space. When a glass roof is chosen the conservatory is flooded with natural light and offers a spacious, bright and airy room to relax in.

A light-filled spacious Edwardian conservatory
An Edwardian conservatory usable all year round

Enjoyable all year round

Designed to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, our Edwardian conservatories give you a beautiful space where you can enjoy your garden in all weather. The glazing in our conservatories reflects enough sun rays away to keep your room cooler, while the coating on the inside of the glass reflects heat back into your home, making it an ideal place to relax throughout the year.

What roof can I have on a Edwardian conservatory?

At Everest, we give you the choice of 3 distinctive roof types for your new Edwardian conservatory.

Everest glass conservatory roof

Glass conservatory roof

A very common option when designing a new conservatory is to choose a glass roof. Glass conservatory roofs consist of large glass panels that provide copious amounts of natural light into your home, even on an overcast day, compared to polycarbonate or tiled roofs. Everest conservatory glass roofs have superior solar control eco clean glass, which will help to keep your conservatory cooler in the summer and make it easier to keep clean.

An Everest livinroof on a conservatory

Livin'roof hybrid Roof

Livin'roof is a hybrid roof system that combines a solid and glass roof seamlessly for a stylish look and thermally efficient room. The roofing system is constructed from insulated composite external panels and high-performance PU board insulation. These are strong and robust, and totally thermally efficient. Glazed panels can be inserted in the roof panels to maximise light and produce a contemporary feel that is not easily achievable with other types of roofing systems.

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Everest tiled roof conservatory

Tiled conservatory roof

Our tiled roof extensions are specially engineered to maximise the amount of glass, but still have the strength and stability built in to support a tiled roof. The sturdy insulated roof panels give superior thermal performance and comply with all current building regulations. With the added option of full height glass panels in the roof, you can let in natural light where required, creating the best of all possible worlds.

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Edwardian Conservatory options

Your conservatory can be tailored to your requirements, with a choice of design, roof type, colour and more.


Edwardian conservatory


Edwardian hipback conservatory

Edwardian Hip-Back


Choose from four stunning frame colours, all white inside to complement your inside décor. Plus if you opt for a tiled roof, you can choose from three different tile colours, to match your existing roof tiles.



White Woodgrain

Cream Woodgrain

Anthracite Grey

Golden Oak



Golden Oak






Conservatory tiled roof in Terra Brick

Terra Brick

Harvest brown roof tiles on an Everest conservatory

Harvest Brown

Grey tiles on a conservatory roof

Carbon Grey


The window and door handles offer flawless operation, outstanding quality and are available in a choice of colours to match the style of your home.


Off set window handle

Off Set

Monkey tail window handle

Monkey Tail*

Tear drop window handle

Tear Drop*


Modern door handle


Pad door handle


Swan neck door handle

Swan Neck**







* Not available in white finish
** Swan Neck Handles only available in Chrome and Gold

Guaranteed for peace of mind

We offer extensive market-leading guarantees on our conservatories with 20 years cover against fog and condensation forming between the panes of the sealed unit and a 20 year promise that the white uPVC wall frames will not fade over time.

We then offer 10 Years on every other aspect of an Everest conservatory including fixtures, fittings and the installation (excluding the base).


Conservatory guarantees

Edwardian conservatory FAQs

Choosing a new conservatory can be a daunting task, so to help you here are some popular FAQs which you might find useful.

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    What is the difference between a Victorian and Edwardian conservatory?
    The main difference between a Victorian conservatory and an Edwardian conservatory is that the latter is square or rectangular with a flat front, whilst the Victorian conservatory has a rounded front and more detail giving you extra living space with a strong sense of grandeur.

    The most defining traits of Victorian conservatories are a rounded multi-faceted front, a high-pitched roof and heavy ornamentation, with sharp edges and extravagant detailing found all over the ridges and roof.

    An Edwardian conservatory is a classic style very similar to a Victorian conservatory but less ornate and with more subdued lines. Edwardian conservatories are an ideal choice because they maximise the amount of available floor space due to their bold, symmetry square or rectangular shape.
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    What is the difference between an Edwardian and Hip-back Edwardian conservatory?
    The difference between Edwardian and Hip0back Edwardian (also known as double-hip) is the style of the roof. The classic Edwardian conservatory roof forms a central apex that can feature a central orangery style lantern if combined with a hybrid roof. This style suits a traditional style house with enough roof height to accommodate. Hip-back Edwardian (or double-hip) has four roof facets that form an apex to look like a separate roof to the house. The hip-back is well-suited for a house with a low roofline or a bungalow.
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    Do Edwardian conservatories need planning permission?
    You can add an Edwardian conservatory to your home without planning permission, as long as it is within the boundaries of your property and doesn’t cover more than half of the total area. The conservatory can’t be higher than the eaves of your existing house and can only be a maximum of 4m high. In most cases, you will not need planning permission but to keep your new conservatory process as stress-free as possible, Everest will take care of all the necessary planning permission to ensure your new construction conforms to all UK building standards and requirements.

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