Roofline products

Guttering, Fascias, Soffits and more

  • Reliable weatherproofing solutions
  • Protection from weather & bird nests
  • Effectively channel rainwater away
  • Long-lasting & maintenance-free

What are roofline products?

Roofline products, including fascias, soffits and guttering, are essential for any property as they protect your home from weather and nesting birds, as well as improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. For most, they probably go unnoticed but old, rotten roofline can look unsightly and cause expensive water damage to your home. Stop the rot before it’s too late with Everest’s range of fascias, soffits, guttering and cladding – all durable, weather-resistant, attractive and low maintenance. Installation is clean and hassle-free, with no dust or mess and it could spare you from costly repairs.

White uPVC rooftrim products including fascias, soffits and guttering
  1. Fascias
  2. Soffits
  3. Bargeboards
  4. Guttering
  5. Downpipes
  6. Cladding

The component parts of rooftrim explained


Fascia boards are the long, straight boards that run alongside the lower edge of the roof, perfectly concealing and protecting the ends of your roof rafters from British weather. Our strong, impact-resistant fascias are made from solid, durable board so they can carry the weight of the guttering which is no mean feat, especially in extreme weather conditions. Our fascia ventilation system creates a rainproof joint to protect your roof and walls from water and a bird comb is fitted to keep birds from nesting. The ventilation over fascia also prevents a build-up of condensation and dry rot. Available in either a flat or ogee style, our fascias will give your home an attractive and unified appearance, with no unsightly gaps.

Everest fascias


The soffit board runs underneath the fascia board, helping to ventilate inside your roof and prevent damp and condensation. It also protects your home from the elements. Our high-quality soffits bridge the gap between siding and roof edge and tidy the underside of the roof overhang. At Everest, we offer a range of made-to-measure uPVC soffit boards in a choice of great colours to perfectly complement our fascia boards, giving your roofline a visually pleasing, clean-edged finish. And because they are made from uPVC, they require very little maintenance, meaning no more climbing ladders.

Everest soffits


Bargeboards are essentially the same as Fascia boards but run up the sloping edge of a roof. Our solid board provides strength, durability, and also conceals the otherwise exposed end of the timbers or purlins of the roof. They also provide protection from the weather and keeps your roof lining perfectly dry. As with all Everest roofline, our bargeboards are made-to-measure and fitted with a smooth and unified appearance with no unsightly gaps. We also use stainless steel pins and nails to eradicate rust.

Everest bargeboards

Roof guttering and downpipes

Everest guttering and downpipes are an effective, durable rainwater system which protect your home from water damage by safely channelling rainwater away from the foundations of your home, ensuring efficient drainage of your roof. Expertly manufactured from uPVC for a durable, weather-proof finish, we use solid boards offering protection from the elements and wider gutter unions to allow for thermal expansion and contraction. All our roofline is rigorously tested to make sure it’s watertight to prevent leaks. We offer square or round downpipes to suit your property and 3 guttering profiles including ogee styling which gives you a more decorative, sculpted finish. There’s also a choice of 3 colours including cast-iron – ideal for traditional homes and contemporary colours perfect for modern properties.

Everest roof guttering and downpipe


uPVC cladding helps shield the front of your house from the weather and can also enhance and refresh the appearance of your home. It provides an attractive, low-maintenance and weather resistant solution for replacing rotten timber cladding, concealing problem areas of brickwork or adding an interesting new feature to your property. Everest's durable uPVC cladding is perfect for adding extra thermal insulation and pleasing visuals to any building.

Everest cladding

Choose the perfect roofline for your home

Everest roofline products are made bespoke to you with a wide choice of styles and colours.

Fascias, Bargeboards, Soffits & Cladding

Fascia & Bargeboard Profiles

Fascia and bargeboard flat profile


Fascia and bargeboard ogee profile

Decorative Ogee

Fascia, Bargeboard, Soffit & Cladding Colours



Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey



Golden Oak

Golden Oak



Guttering & Downpipes

Guttering Styles 

Square guttering profile


Half round guttering profile

Half Round

Ogee guttering profile


Downpipe Styles 

Round downpipe shape


Square downpipe shape


Guttering & Downpipe Colours







Cast Iron

Cast Iron Effect

Everest fascias, soffits and guttering rigorously tested for waterproofing and durability

Why Choose Everest Roofline


We offer everything you need for a complete, high-performance roofline solution, manufactured to the highest quality standards. From fascias, soffits and bargeboards to guttering, downpipes and cladding our watertight roofline products are made to protect your home from the heaviest of weather, keeping the wind and rain out, and preventing damp, leaks and water damage. Our fascia ventilation system prevents build-up of condensation and dry rot and protects your roof and walls from water ingress with the lower section overlapping the gutter to take rainwater off the roof. It also comes fitted with a bird comb to prevent birds from nesting in the roof rafters.

Long-Lasting & Maintenance-Free

Everest soffits, fascias and other roofline products are all made from uPVC so require very little maintenance. As uPVC will not rot, crack or warp, your roofline will remain a long-term, maintenance-free asset to your property. In fact, an occasional wipe clean with a damp cloth is enough to keep your roofline looking as good as new and will require no sanding, painting or treatment saving you from time-consuming maintenance, especially for old timber roofline which requires yearly painting and weather-sealing.

Everest uPVC roofline products are long-lasting and virtually maintenance free
Attractive fascias, soffits, guttering and cladding available in a choice of styles and colours

Attractive, Coloured Profiles

Our leak-free uPVC soffits, fascias and other roofline products come in a range of styles and a choice of colours for each option, including timber woodgrain effects. Everest roofline is made-to-measure for a perfect fit and will retain its appearance without the need for any preservative treatments, leaving your home looking attractive and as good as new for years to come. For a smarter finish, our fascias perfectly conceal and protect the ends of your roof rafters, leaving no unsightly gaps or holes. And for those that want to set their home apart from the rest, our stylish cladding is perfect for brightening up the outside of your home.

Quality Roofline Products, Built To Last & Guaranteed

  • 20 year guarantee covers discolouration on white uPVC fascias, soffits, bargeboards and cladding
  • 10 year guarantee covers colour fascias, soffits and bargeboards
  • 10 year guarantee covers guttering and downpipes


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