Chris Farrington, Cameron Gunn and Lee Manning of ReSolve Advisory Limited were appointed as Joint Administrators of Everest 2020 Limited (“Everest”) on 24 April 2024.

If you have any queries in relation to the business and/or administration, please contact

Chris, Cameron and Lee are licensed to act as Insolvency Practitioners in the United Kingdom by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and, along with their staff, act without personal liability at all times.

Licenced Insolvency Practitioners who are appointed as Administrators, and their staff, act as agents of the company over which they are appointed. A list of ReSolve’s licensed Insolvency Practitioners can be found on our website.

Everest guarantees

Our most extensive range of guarantees

When you purchase from Everest, we want to make sure you have complete peace of mind that you will receive the best level of service and care for your home so you can enjoy your Everest products worry free for many years to come.

Everest 10 & 20 is our new range of extensive guarantees which are market leading and aim to give you peace of mind when buying an Everest product which covers you for product defects and faulty workmanship or installation.

Everest 10 & 20 operates alongside and in addition to the protection afforded by our membership of FENSA. This provides consumers in England and Wales, who use Everest to fit their windows and doors important cover. It means that your windows are installed by a certified installer, that the work complies with building regulations, and importantly that you will have an insurance backed guarantee – which covers the cost of any required servicing of your products in line with our standard 10 year guarantees. For installations in England, Wales & Scotland but excluding The Isle of Man, please click here for details on what is and isn’t covered by FENSA and insurance backed guarantees.

Summary of cover

(See below for the full range of cover)

10 year guarantee

Everest 10 year guarantee

With some small exceptions this is our standard cover for all the parts and materials in our products. This does not cover accidental breakage, and providing the product is correctly maintained as required we will come and sort and mend any issue that results from faulty workmanship or installation for up to 10 years. This also covers condensation and fogging between the panes in our Essentials uPVC, timber and aluminium range of windows and doors.

20 year guarantee

Everest 20 year guarantee

This is our market leading cover that is offered on all of our uPVC Exclusives windows and doors range, free of charge. The guarantee covers against condensation and fogging between the panes in our double and triple glazing units. Plus, it also covers the discolouration of white uPVC.

Lifetime guarantee

Everest lifetime guarantee

This is our premium offering enabling you to gain lifetime cover for condensation and fogging between the panes on our uPVC exclusives windows double and triple range. There is a charge for this level of warranty which our sales consultants will happily explain.

Transferrable guarantees

It is also possible for customers to transfer their guarantee to a new owner when selling their home. This offers Customers who are selling their home the ability to provide the new owners with the same level of cover for the duration of the warranty with the exception of the optional Lifetime Guarantee, which changes to 20 years from the date of installation when transferred to a new owner. Click here to find out more.

Terms and conditions

The Everest Guarantees above are offered as ‘product warranties’ which are created to ensure that a customer receives the quality of goods agreed at the point of purchase and that they are not let down by faulty materials or workmanship. They are not offered for protection against accidental use or a lack of care by the owner. All we ask is that a small amount of time is put into annual maintenance for the warranty to be valid – you can find out more here.

We do also have to make some exclusions clear for what we do not cover which includes the following:

Materials and parts

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Accident, misuse or neglect
  • Using incorrect cleaning products such as bleach and solvents or using high pressure or steam cleaners
  • Subsidence, soil shrinkage caused by failure of foundations/structure where these have not been constructed by Everest
  • Windows and doors installed in exposed areas and coastal areas with harsh climates as identified by Everest – see guarantee below
  • Small imperfections in the uPVC frame that are not visible when viewed from one metre
  • Timber - Failure to maintain the product as outlined in the Everest Care and Maintenance Guidelines for Timber Products in the Guarantee booklet
  • Timber - Naturally occurring knots which may be present in the timber
  • Scorching on the uPVC caused by reflected heat from blinds
  • Roofline/Guttering – Excessive weight from snow bringing gutters and roofline down
  • Driveways – Damage caused by non-domestic vehicles or vehicles weighing over 3 tonnes
  • Driveways – Temporary discolouration caused by efflorescence
  • Driveways – Damage caused by excessive salt usage


  • Condensation forming on the outside of the pane
  • Not visible when viewed from the inside of the room 2 metres away, in natural daylight and looking directly through the glass
  • Not visible when viewed from 3 metres away for toughened or laminated glass
  • Imperfections in the 50mm wide band around the edge of the glass - this area is not considered part of the normal viewing area
  • Mould growth on Georgian Bars

Transferring a guarantee to a new owner

If your installation was completed after 8th June 2020 by Everest 2020 Ltd, you may be able to transfer your guarantee to a new owner, if you sell your property. Having Everest windows and doors installed is an attractive feature that many buyers value and being able to pass on the peace of mind that our industry-leading guarantees provide, is an additional selling point.

The following conditions apply:

  • There is a cost of 5% of the contract value, capped at a maximum of £1000
  • We reserve the right to inspect the installation before agreeing to transfer
  • We will exercise this right in 100% of cases where the order is for timber products due to the need for Customers to maintain these products
  • We will make a decision on whether to inspect other product groups based on the length of time since installation.
  • The option to transfer the guarantee is not available for Driveways, Greener Grass, Garage Doors or Conservatories
  • If transferring a lifetime guarantee, the lifetime element is only available for the original contract holder (or their Spouse or Civil Partner). Once transferred to a new owner, this becomes 20 years from the date of installation
  • There is no cost to transfer the guarantee to a Spouse or Civil Partner

Full range of cover

ProductDescription10 Year20 YearExceptions
Exclusives uPVC Casement & Tilt Turn
Sealed unit (Double & Triple)Against fog & condensation between the panes
White uPVCAgainst discolouration of white uPVC
Foiled & woodgrain
Window parts
Essentials uPVC casement
Sealed unit (Double only)Against fog & condensation between the panes
White uPVCAgainst discolouration of white uPVC
Foiled & woodgrain
Window parts
uPVC sliding sash
Sealed unit (double only)Against fog & condensation between the panes
White uPVC & foiled
Window Parts
Aluminium Casement
Sealed unit (double only)Against fog & condensation between the panes
Aluminium profileAluminium and colour finish25 years
Window Parts
Window and glazing
Timber (softwood & hardwood)
Sealed unit (double only)
Rot and fungusAgainst rot and fungus30 years
FinishPaint and stain finish5 years
Window parts
Exclusives uPVC entrance doors/French doors
Sealed unit (double & triple)Against fog & condensation between the panes
White uPVCAgainst discolouration of white uPVC
Foiled & woodgrain
Door parts
Essentials uPVC entrance door/French doors
Sealed unit (double only)Against fog & condensation between the panes
White uPVC & foiled
Door parts
Exclusives 70mm Composite Doors
Sealed unit (triple glazed)Against fog & condensation between the panes
Door parts & standard furniture
10 years against corrosion on stainless steel, 4 years on any other material
Heritage & contemporary furniture12 months
Essentials 44mm Composite Doors
Sealed unit (double glazed)
Door parts
Aluminium entrance doors/French doors
Sealed unit (double only)Against fog & condensation between the panes
Aluminium profileAluminium & colour finish25 years
Door parts
Hardwood entrance doors/Timber French doors
Sealed unit (double glazed)
Finish5 years
Door parts
uPVC Patio Doors
Sealed units (double only)
White uPVC & foiled
Door parts
Aluminium Patio Doors/Bi Fold Doors
Sealed unit (double only)
Aluminium profile & finish25 years
Door parts
White fascia, soffits, bargeboardsAgainst discolouration of the white uPVC
Colour fascia, soffits, bargeboards
White rainwater products
Colour rainwater products
Cast iron effect rainwater products
Installation5 years
Greener Grass
Installation1 year
Garage Doors
Everest Steel & Roller Garage Doors
Paint finish
Automatic operatorMechanical parts5 years
Automatic operatorElectronic parts2 years

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