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Keeping everyone safe is our top priority

Following government advice on working safely, we have introduced some significant changes to the way we work with the clear objective of keeping us all safe. Our staff have all been given clear work practice instructions for when they visit your home to help reduce the risk of infection.

How we are making our service safer for everyone

On the day of the visit, we have introduced the following measures...

  1. Surveyors are not permitted to attend your home if they are displaying any Covid symptoms or are required to self-isolate following current Government guidelines.
  2. Surveyors will call ahead to check that it is safe to attend your property. If you or a member of the household are showing symptoms or you have any concerns prior to the surveyors arrival, we can re-arrange the date.  If you require a postponement please email
  3. On arrival, they will have masks, gloves, sanitiser and wipes available for use throughout the visit.
  4. Surveyors have been advised to apply the 2 metre rule as much as possible and will check which rooms need to be entered to carry out the survey.
  5. Masks will be worn if 2 metre social distancing rules cannot be applied. We ask that you also respect their space and remain out of rooms whilst they carry out the survey.
  6. Surveyor will have sanitised any samples that they may need to demonstrate to you.
  7. All touched surfaces will be wiped during the Survey and they will confirm this with you at the time.
  8. Upon completion, they will ask you to sign off the survey documents and will wipe clean their laptop screen, offer you gloves and will step away to respect your space whilst you sign off the screen.

An Everest survey

Disinfecting surfaces after survey