Security Alarms Information

Please be aware that we have now discontinued the Alarms service. All customers were written to in April 2021 and given between five and eight weeks’ notice of when their contracts would end, depending on their payment date. Customers who made payment in advance have had a pro-rated refund so that they have only paid for cover received.

You can of course, appoint an alternative company to take over the monitoring and maintenance of your alarm system. After your advised service end date, any future call outs or maintenance visits will need to be arranged and paid for by you, with a third party of your choice as Everest 2020 Ltd will no longer have an Alarms department. If your system has a police URN you will need to change the maintainer with the constabulary as soon as possible. You may need to advise your insurance company as this may affect your policy.

The guarantee period on Everest 2020 Ltd detection equipment, is 5 years from the date of installation. If your equipment is still within warranty and develops a fault that would otherwise have been covered by the guarantee, we will continue to honour our obligation to repair or, where it is reasonable to do so, replace free of charge any detection equipment as per the terms and conditions of your original contract. This may be by appointment of a third party or by reimbursing you for costs incurred. If you need to let us know about a fault on equipment that is still covered by the five year guarantee, please complete this form.