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Country meets city

Everest stable door

Our homes are our pride and joy, it’s where we spend a lot of our time making the best memories, so evidently, we want to try to improve and develop our homes and align with current trends. This blog post will focus on combining countryside homes with modern city homes by using timeless pieces that will forever be desirable.

Stable door

Re-doing your kitchen can come with a hefty price. Adding to that is how long it will take to be completed, restricting you from using your kitchen and causing inconvenience. We believe that something as simple as a back door can change the tone of your kitchen space. There isn’t much about stable doors online, but let’s be sure to say that it is the only door that will give your kitchen character and make it appear unique from other kitchens. Stable doors probably remind you of a cottage and they have been rooted in agricultural history, but are perfect for modern living and it adds an element of tradition to your modern home; it captures character and simplicity, which can be hard to achieve with basic doors,

Different from traditional back doors, the stable door is divided into halves, the top half can be independently opened outwards. If you have kids, this would be beneficial in keeping them secure while allowing light and air to filter through. This makes it multifunctional as it is the same as having an extra window which can turn into a door. At Everest, we have a wide range of timber effect stable doors in a variety of colours and with maximum security features in both parts. To give your back door more personality we have also given you the option of having just a solid door or glazed with a square or diamond light.

Everest stable door

Timeless Garage door

Front doors play a great part in capturing character for your property. If you are lucky enough to have a garage, then you have a lot to play with in order to make the appearance of your home alluring. Usually, garage doors in the UK are typically steel and come as one piece which usually just slides up and over. Let’s go back to the 1960-70’s where properties in the countryside had garage doors that have two parts that pull out with a rusty wood finish, well today we are seeing more houses go back in time. Incorporating a modern and country together, it has become apparent garage doors that have a period style or a unique colour have more appeal in making your home stand out from other houses. Due to the high demand, manufacturers have been encouraged to develop garage doors with countryside and period features that are equipped with modern mechanisms.

Everest side-hinged garage doors

When it comes to choosing your garage door for a country home essence, go for one that is side-hinged and has glazing incorporated into your chosen design to blend in tastefully with properties of a certain period. When it comes to colour. Light colours would work perfectly rather than a dark colour as it will help give your property a modern look as well as country. Be sure to know that a countryside garage door is timeless and will remain a desirable exterior.

If you are now excited by the idea of incorporating country into your modern home, we have created a Pinterest board to inspire you further and help you make the right decisions. Check it out here.

'Country meets city'

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