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How to brick up a window

How to brick up a window

Over time, the functionality of the rooms within your house may change and so might your taste and the way you wish to design your home.

In some cases, you may find you need to brick up existing window openings to achieve what you want. This is a pretty simple job which can be achieved in just a few easy steps:

Step 1. Assemble your tools

To get the job done, you will need:

2 x nails

1 x hammer

1 x ball of string

1 x cement scraper

1 x joiner / copper tubing

Fresh cement (the amount will depend on how many windows you are bricking up)

Bricks (again, the amount will depend on how many windows you are bricking up)

Step 2. To the bottom left of your window opening, take a nail and hit into the cement above the existing bricks in your wall. Do the same on the right-hand side of the wall.

Once done, wrap a piece of string around the nail and then connect it to the other nail. If you push the string against the wall, it will provide the line of where the bricks need to sit so that your wall is straight.

Step 3. Fill the gaps- Place a layer of cement on top of the existing bricks. Use the cement levels to the left and right of the window to match their thickness.

Step 4. Stack the blocks- You don’t need to be overly delicate here. Simply place the bricks where they need to go.

Invariably, you will need to cut a few bricks to ensure a tight fit at the end of each row. Again, it’s simple. Cut the bricks to the size you need them and place them at the end, ensuring the cement fills all other areas where there is a gap. Most bricks can be cut down to size just by hitting it with the back end of a hammer.

Step 5.  When your brick is positioned and you are happy with it, scrape the excess concrete away from the wall while it is still wet.

As you have only just laid it, it will come away easily and leave you with a smooth finish.

Step 6.  Take the nail and raise it to the next line of cement, hammering it in gently to find your next guideline.

Step 7. Do the exact same thing so that the next level is in place.

And then again, and again until your window opening is filled. On the top row, you just need to make sure you cake the top of the bricks with cement so it sets to the brickwork above it when set.

Step 8. Touch up - Once the gap is completely bricked up, use your joiner or copper tubing to run over the cement to ensure the cement looks as nice as possible.

When the cement has started to harden, you can use a firm paint brush to run back over the cement just to tidy it up a little further.

Step 9. Finally, get a bucket of warm water and a sponge and simply run it over the bricks to make sure you get rid of any wayward cement before it dries. Whilst the cement is wet, it is far easier to clean.

All that is left to do is wait, and once the cement dries up, you will now have a strong, glistening wall where there once was a window.

NOTE: Although it may be considerably cheaper to brick up your own window openings, a skilled tradesman will always achieve greater results, so it may be more beneficial to consider their services in order to improve thermal efficiency and save money on your energy bills in the long run. Also, if the wall you are looking to upgrade is a supporting wall, it is essential to seek expert advice to avoid creating a weak spot within your home, which can become a serious health and safety hazard.

*Article image courtesy of Tim Green via the following license on Flickr.


'How to brick up a window'

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