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How to clean a conservatory roof

How to clean a conservatory roof

You wouldn’t be the first person to install a beautiful conservatory with so much focus on how its benefits can complement your home that you’ve completely overlooked how best to clean it.

It’s not that conservatories are difficult to maintain. In fact, they are one of the simplest rooms to look after within the home. Over time, though, the roof will collect a bit of debris and will need a quick wipe down if you are to continue making the most of the beautiful outdoor views. Also, clean windows allow the sun to shine in and illuminate your room fully, so it really is worth keeping glass roofs nice and clean.

Here are the top 5 ways to keep your conservatory looking sparkling and fresh.

1. Prepare the right products

A good clean is down to two things – the product you use to loosen the residue and the method you use to access it. To loosen the residue, explore the plentiful soaps available at hardware stores specifically designed for outdoor use. Many other domestic cleaners can be used to great effect on the inside of the roof.

With regards to accessing your roof, it is of course not a good idea to stand on the roof itself, particularly if it’s made from glass. Instead, pick a tool which allows you to clean the roof from the ground. A regular sponge with an extendable handle or a water-fed pole that allows soap and water to be pumped along the handle are ideal.

2. Stay grounded

While an extendable handle will help you reach the conservatory roof more easily, it is equally important to see what you are doing, which isn’t as much about height as it is about your angle, so a simple step ladder might be all you need. By maintaining a good balance, the likelihood of an accident should be minimal, but it may still be worth getting someone to pass you the necessary tools as and when you need them.

3. Be persistent

Work methodically from one side of the roof to the other, applying a liberal amount of soap and warm water to loosen residue and stubborn dirt. Rub harder-to-shift stains continuously where needed until all dirt has been removed. Don’t be tempted to use anything abrasive on the glass – removing tough stains requires persistence!

4. Don’t get sloppy

When you’re satisfied with your work, rinse thoroughly and wipe the area down, being careful to avoid smears. Extendable sponges with a squeegee attachment are especially good for this.

5. Observe. Enjoy. Repeat.

Check your work from ground level. With your roof now glistening, it may be worthwhile turning your attention to the rest of the windows. After all, you don’t want your sparkling conservatory to outshine the rest of your property.

Now you know how best to do it, get scrubbing!

*Article image courtesy of Flickr.

'How to clean a conservatory roof'

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