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How to clean your windows

How to clean your windows

After taking the initiative and cleaning your windows, there is nothing worse than finding smears all over your handy work… but this is avoidable. Let’s go through our top 5 ways to keep your windows streak free.

1. Burn grime, burn

If you ask around, you’ll hear plenty of old wives’ tales and ill-fitting advice from people claiming “It’s common sense!” They’ll tell you to use props ranging from old newspapers to shaving foam. Some theories miraculously work, most don’t. The bottom line is there are obviously better ways to clean glass, which is why window cleaners continue to have a trade. One solution that does offer great value is to put vinegar into your cleaning water as its acidic content helps dislodge grease and grime - but it can still leave windows with a bit of a patchy finish.

2. Tried and tested

Aside from using vinegar, there are a handful of other tips that will ensure you have more success when cleaning your windows.

a)    Make sure your bucket starts clean and empty before putting water in and refill it regularly as you go along. It sounds obvious, but trying to clean the third or fourth window with dirty water is hugely counter-productive.

b)    Use a solution of water and washing up liquid. The detergents involved will easily remove the grease and get rid of all that dust and dirt. Just soak the window with the soapy water, using a thick clean sponge or a heavy duty cloth and work it well into the edges and corners of the window frames.

c)    The true secret is to always use a decent professional-grade squeegee with a good quality rubber edge. This is how you get the perfect result of sparkling clean windows. It doesn’t really matter what kind of stroke you use - be it side-to-side, up-and-down or even creative swirls, as long as you cover the whole surface of the glass. Remember to work quickly before the water dries.

3. Gloom doesn’t always mean doom

Cleaning your windows on a nice sunny day might seem idyllic, but the reality is the sun will dry your solution too quickly and can also increase the chances of insects getting stuck on your windows. If, however, you opt for more of a cloudy day, it will have time to settle, leaving your windows with an extra sparkle when done.

4. Hire a professional

Of course, one way to ensure you get a perfectly clean window is to pay a professional to do it for you. It’s one of the few traditional ‘door-to-door’ trades still thriving in the modern era. Finding a good window cleaner is surprisingly easy. Just ask the neighbour with the shiniest windows who they use!

5. Self-cleaning windows

If you already know how to clean a mean window but your issue is more to do with a  lack of time, there is another option and that is to purchase self-cleaning windows. Our self-cleaning glazing has a special outer coating that reacts with sunlight and spreads rainwater out across your glass pane. This washes the dirt away and keeps your glass panels looking as good as new.

Job done!

For more detailed information on windows, take a look at our windows buying guide.

'How to clean your windows'

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