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How to dress a bay window

How to dress a bay window

Bay windows are undoubtedly a striking feature for a home and most homeowners can consider themselves lucky to have them, but when the décor or design doesn’t quite live up to its potential the windows can end up looking very bare, representing something of a missed opportunity.

To help make the space just right for your home, take a look at our top 5 suggestions for how to dress a bay window.

1. Relax

If you place a comfy chair or a chaise longue under the windows you will suddenly have created a bright area that is perfect for reading, relaxing, enjoying the view or generating creative ideas. This new epiphany area will certainly add a touch of sophistication to your home. 

2. Work on it

Placing a desk in the space or, better still, creating a “lid” that fits perfectly beneath your windows and offers a seamless worktop, can prove to be an inspired decision. Desks that face directly outdoors can be great for stimulating the imagination and if you add a suitable chair and an elegant lamp, you can create the feeling of a study within the space of a single bay window.

3. Sitting pretty

If you want to utilise the space fully, add a boxed valance, a long cushion and some patterned pillows to create a sitting area that is rich in light and also doubles as storage space.

4. Nights at the round table

Take option 3 one step further by building seats that hug the curve of the window, allowing you to place a round table within the centre space and subsequently create a sociable area that will entice and impress any house guests.

5. Don’t be shy

For many people, the thought of placing furniture directly in front of their windows is rather unnatural as, for Brits, the home represents privacy. However, when it comes to maximising the space of bay windows the opposite is often more advantageous, and if you are lucky enough to have a bay window in spaces such as the bathroom, why not place the bath right in front of the window? The chances are you will never be more relaxed than bathing whilst absorbing a view of the great outdoors.

*Article image courtesy of Flickr.

'How to dress a bay window'

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