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Spotlight on the 10 most up-and-coming regeneration areas

Spotlight on the 10 most up-and-coming regeneration areas

Spotlight on the 10 most up-and-coming regeneration areas

Urban regeneration efforts across the UK have seen success and failure over the past decade. The successful regeneration of an area can transform the social and economic welfare of every person who lives there. Here are 10 of the most up-and-coming regeneration areas in the UK.

1. New Islington, Manchester

Chosen as one of several Millennium Village projects, New Islington has become a prime example of the way in which public/private partnerships in the field of urban planning, architecture and community building can be implemented successfully. The New Islington area has easy access to the city centre and the Manchester tramline will be extended to the area in the near future. Additionally, an eco-park is being planned for the future, promising to make New Islington a great location to live for years to come.

2. Kensington, Liverpool

The inner city area of Kensington is one soaked in the history and culture of one of the most important cities in the United Kingdom – Liverpool. Nestled between the city centre, Everton, Fairfield and Edge Hill, the area has fast been attracting attention for the recent work that has rejuvenated the neighbourhood.

3. West Leeds, West Yorkshire

The West Leeds area has been chosen as an area that will see a concentrated rejuvenation effort over the coming years in order to create a sustainable, successful and healthy community. The area is already recognised as a region that’s been home to a number of incredibly successful community led projects.

4. Taunton, Somerset

Taunton has always had a reputation for being a beautiful and pleasant market town, yet the area has suffered a period of stifled growth and problems with traffic congestion have somewhat limited the appeal of Taunton to potential businesses and residents. However, this all changed with the announcement that Project Taunton, a program of community-led development occurring over a number of years, had been awarded funding and had found developers willing to go into partnership.

5. Chatham, Kent

A concerted effort has been made in recent years to redevelop vast areas of Chatham in order to modernise the town, create job opportunities and provide the town with the means to expand. This has been concentrated around the old dockyard and has been implemented with the aim to create a more unified town held together by the riverside residential developments.

6. Selly Oak, Birmingham

Selly Oak in the South-West of Birmingham has had a number of problems in the past, largely caused by the A38 road widening scheme, yet a successful renewal project has allowed the town to flourish into one of the most exciting towns to live in the UK.

7. Milton Keynes

Though it emerged from a need to alleviate housing congestion in London, Milton Keynes has gone on to become an important and successful town in its own right, forging a recognisable and distinct identity over a very short period of time.

8. Corby, Northamptonshire

Corby, or ‘Little Scotland’ as it became known locally due to the large number of Scottish migrants that came to work in the steelworks, lies roughly 20 miles North-East of Northampton, and as of 2010 the region had the fastest growing population in the country. Its history as a steel town has meant that Corby has suffered many tough years since the 1980s, though there has been a recent concerted effort to revive the local area.

9. Ipswich, Suffolk

Located on the estuary of the River Orwell, historic Ipswich has been through a thorough process of renewal and redevelopment in recent years, making it one of the most up and coming towns in the UK. The Ipswich Local Plan has been a successful redevelopment project that has transformed the waterfront and town centre. Improved rail services also make Ipswich an increasingly suitable option for commuting to London.

10. Nuneaton, Warwickshire

The area of Nuneaton has taken part in a number of redevelopment projects and has gained a well-earned reputation as one of the most up and coming towns in the UK. With large amounts being invested in the town with the ultimate aim of increasing the standard of living for residents and making it a more attractive town for those looking to relocate, these are very exciting times for Nuneaton’s residents.

'Spotlight on the 10 most up-and-coming regeneration areas'

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