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The importance of colour in home improvements

The importance of colour in home improvements

Colour forms one of the most important decisions we make when it comes to home improvements, particularly the exterior. We have to take into consideration whether the chosen colour matches the style and features of the property. Is it going to look good all year round? Will continue to look timeless and on trend?

These are just a few questions customers ask themselves when making important home improvement decisions. However, there is great significance around a person’s choice of colour and psychological meaning behind our favourite shades. So what does your colour selection indicate and how can we introduce this to home improvements?




Black has become one of the ‘go to’ colours, becoming immensely popular in recent years. Ideal Home research showed black front doors, in particular, ranked 4th on their list of most popular colours. Black is associated with power, strength and authority so it is no surprise that famous black doors include 10 Downing Street and Westminster Abbey – buildings that exuberate authority and power.

Black door

Black is not only limited to front doors. Opting for black windows has also become a trend that offers a sophisticated, contemporary feel to a property. Add a modern twist to your home with numerous options in this colour by selecting black woodgrain windows or a black aluminium conservatory.

 Everest aluminium conservatory

Did you know? Black was one of the first colours used in art. Prehistoric artists used black charcoal and iron minerals to create a black pigment that they used to paint on cave walls.



Is grey the new black?

Grey is a colour that is on trend and here to stay. At Everest, we have seen a rise in demand for this colour in numerous variations.

Despite the word “grey” possibly denoting drab or sad, as a colour it is more often seen as contemporary and practical. Grey offers the same timeless, sophisticated appeal as black, but also gives a soothing muted effect that works well with dusky colours and off whites. At Everest, we offer a number of grey tones to choose from including elegant anthracite, stylish slate grey and classic olive.

Whether you choose to incorporate this shade into your windows, doors or conservatory there is a grey to fit every style of property.

 Grey windows

It’s not all Black and Grey!


Although black and grey have proven to be immensely popular, there is a lot to be said for adding a splash of colour to the exterior of your home. Homeowners can now choose to be bold by opting for coloured uPVC or Timber windows and conservatories or bright composite front doors, transforming a property from drab to fab.

Did you know? Blue is the most popular colour choice across the board for both men and women. This is then followed by green for men and purple for women.

Property expert, Sarah Beeny states “Front doors are the first thing potential buyers see and first impressions really do count.”

So, if coloured windows are not for you, perhaps choosing a bold, modern, coloured front door would be the perfect medium.




Blue is renowned as being the most popular colour overall. Seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed, it is a colour that has equal appeal to both men and women.

At Everest, we have a variety of shades of blue front doors suited to all styles of property. Add a bold splash of colour to the front entrance with the flamboyant Peacock Teal, that will make people stop and stare. Slate blue, offers a bright pigmented colour which will complement the exterior of your home no matter the style of the property. If bright and bold is not the tone for you, then a Cornish Blue front door will be more up your street – offering a clean and crisp entryway. 

If blue is your favourite, go to colour, then we have a shade of this cleansing colour for you.

Blue door

Did you know? Greeks believe that blue wards off the “Evil Eye.”




Green is the most common colour in the natural world and one that represents balance, growth, wealth and wisdom. In the presence of green it is said that our muscles are more relaxed and blood histamine levels increase (leading to decrease in allergy symptoms), therefore making this shade calming and stress-relieving.

Perhaps it is due to its calming nature that is making green an upcoming shade for home improvements. At Everest, we are seeing more homeowners opting for Chartwell Green to add that contemporary feel to their front door, windows and even conservatories. For those looking for a slightly bolder colour, opt for the vibrant Racing Green or for a slightly understated, yet modern look Mint Julep is the perfect shade. Both of which will leave a lasting first impression for your front door.

Green windows

Did you know? In Japan, green is regarded as the colour of eternal life.



Opting for a purple composite front door, like the Everest Deep Urchin shade, represents wealth, honour and royalty. It implies, not that you are wealthy, but rich in your quality of life, wellbeing and that you are also honourable. In the practice of Feng Shui is the only colour you can place in any direction, showing that purple is a versatile colour suited for many properties.

Purple door




Red is known as the colour of extremes. The colour of love, danger, anger and adventure offers a bold statement to the entry way of your home. According to Feng Shui a red front door, such as an Everest Red Velvet composite door, means hospitality and warm welcome. It also drives evil forces away and promotes positive energy. A red front door allows you to transform the façade of your property by adding a bright colour, whilst bringing cheerfulness to your house. If a bright entrance is too risky for you then a muted mahogany door would be an excellent alternative.

 Red door




The colour pink makes a statement, especially when opting to use this colour for any home improvements. Pink is often recognised as a feminine colour, but one that can look classically elegant. Whether you are choosing the chic Everest Antique Rose shade or the softer, romantic Ash Pink, this colour is one that will offer a subtle transformation your home.

Pink door


Colour trends come and go, so when choosing the right shade for your home improvements it’s important that you not only opt for a shade that depicts your personality and suits your property, but also one that will remain elegant and timeless.

At Everest we offer a beautiful range of colours for both windows, doors and conservatories, allowing you to showcase personality and style, whilst providing that great first impression.


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'The importance of colour in home improvements'

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