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What is a flush casement window?

What is a flush casement window?

Windows are undoubtedly one of the most essential parts of a home. They provide us with ventilation, natural light, and play an important role in enhancing the aesthetics of a property. With this in mind, we’re constantly extending our range to give customers more choice in terms of style, design and colour.

Our latest offering is a ‘flush’ casement design, which is being introduced to our Exclusives Premium Smoothweld range. It’s available exclusively in this range because the flush casement style looks best in a coloured foil finish. The flush casement window is available in the current range of foiled finishes, plus the addition of two brand new colours – Grey Cedar and Smooth Anthracite. These two new colours really complement the style of window design perfectly. In the Grey Cedar, the flush casement window looks like a traditional flush sash timber window, while the Smooth Anthracite window has a more contemporary look, similar to a modern aluminium window.

Flush casement uPVC window in grey cedarFlush casement uPVC window in grey cedar

What is a flush casement sash window?

With a flush casement, the window closes flush into the outer frame, meaning there’s no visible lip when looking at your window from outside. They’re becoming increasingly popular, due to their neat clean lines and flat finish.


With the sash fitting flush inside the window's frame, this product achieves the pinnacle window energy rating of ‘A+’, meaning it doesn’t suffer from excessive heat loss, but does offer the maximum amount of thermal retention.

White uPVC flush casement window
White uPVC flush casement window


But energy efficiency is only one of the benefits. Making sure our customers feel safe in their homes is our number one priority, which is why we’re constantly trying to out-think burglars with our designs. Another selling point is that this product (along with all our other windows) has been rigorously tested and meets all the latest British Standard for security. So, customers can rest assured their home is offered the highest level of protection.

Ever-expanding range

Our ever-expanding range of windows in their various designs and finishes meet every requirement in terms of function and performance. What's more, our latest product offers customers yet another option, and more control over how they want their house to look. If our next customers are looking for a neat and seamless finish, our flush sash window may be just the ticket! Not only do we fit the best, our new flush casement sash window will make their home look the best!

New 5-chamber sash – increased thermal efficiency

Everest’s new five chamber uPVC profile has been carefully designed and engineered to be Everest’s most efficient profile yet. Previously, our window profiles gained their strength and rigidity from a thermal insert. A thermal insert is a bar designed to insulate the large, open, middle chamber in the profile. Thermal inserts used to run through the full length of the profile. In dark coloured foils this was replaced with steel, as dark-foiled profiles absorb more heat and are prone to movement. However, this steel could affect their thermal efficiency. The new 5-chamber profile design is much stronger and more rigid than its predecessor so there is no longer any need for the thermal insert or steel bars meaning that the thermal performance of Everest windows will be more consistent no matter what colour - and that's the "Power of 5".

Close up of the flush finish on a casement window
Close up of the flush finish on a casement window

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'What is a flush casement window?'

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