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What is Lagom and how do you achieve it in your home?

What is Lagom and how do you achieve it in your home?

Is Lagom the new Hygge in 2019?


Not too long ago there was a hype about the term 'Hygge' which essentially took over our news feed and our homes. In an attempt to create a peaceful oasis in our homes, we are paying more attention to our well-being than we did years ago. From yoga to vegetable smoothies; we are steering towards a healthier more balanced lifestyle with room for cheats which become more rewarding. We call this balanced, but the Swedish call it 'Lagom' meaning 'just the right amount.'

The Swedish proverb "Lagom är bäst" also translates to "Enough is as good as a feast"

What is Lagom and how can I achieve it?


Lagom is an overarching concept behind life in general, it is a way of living and how you approach life. It is all about making small changes that have a big difference. If you like the idea of this new lifestyle trend, then you are probably thinking "how do I achieve it?" Start off with your work-life balance. Instead of having lunch at your desk, why don’t you go for a walk or sit somewhere that is completely different to the environment at work. Simpler things like turning off email notifications when you have finished for the day and just letting yourself relax and switch off at home. Enabling a great work-life balance. Now you are probably wondering; "how can I apply this to my home?"

A corner of a room with flowers and telephone on a set of drawers

A Lagom home is functional, yet not over complicated or cluttered which is the opposite of Hygge's mismatch trend of textures and colours. But, they do have something in common and that’s the belief of getting away from day’s stress.  It is time for you to let go of items in your home that have made your space seem cluttered and busy and bring in things that make your home seem happier, tidier and calmer.

"Back in the Viking days, mead would be passed around, laget om, and everyone would take their sips. Lagom today is not that different to that."
– Bronte Aurell

Our 5 tips to make your home more 'Lagom'


1 - The first step is to de-clutter. If you have unnecessary items laying around your tables such as items from your car that you have placed on your hallway table just throw them away or display them only in certain spaces, not all over the house. If you have magazines laying around tables why don’t you invest in magazine holder to place right beside your sofa. Practical right?

2 - Have storage spaces. Decluttering is key; make sure each room has some storage space so you can put away things there and then.

3 - Lagom is all about being balanced. Painting your walls with natural colours will achieve this perfectly, such as soft grey and have sections of fun and daring colours. Keep your most of your walls simple while bringing a variety of tones that will change the overall feeling of the space.

4 - Decorative objects can create a Lagom home. Natural greenery, soft ceramics and beautiful glassware will compliment your home. Think about sustainability when creating and picking your objects.

5 - Finally, as this trend is all about being balanced, try displaying 1 or 2 of your favourite quirky objects, so your home still feels like home.

A sofa in a home with a picture frame and lamp on a side table

Overall, if you are looking to improve your lifestyle for the new year, think about the Lagom trend and make sure you find balance. Balance in your life and your home will change and improve your mind for the better.

'What is Lagom and how do you achieve it in your home?'

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