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Top 4 Innovative Window Cleaning Gadgets

Top 4 Innovative Window Cleaning Gadgets


Date: 23/09/2012

Window cleaners may be a dying breed these days, but maintaining a crystal clear view is key to enjoying the long summer evenings. If you struggle to keep your windows nice and clean, fear not - there are plenty of innovative window cleaning gadgets to make your job easier!

1. Magnetic window cleaners

These handy squeegee/sponge combos work just like the little scrubbing brushes you can use for fish tanks. Simply prepare your sponges, line up the pair of cleaners either side of your pane of glass and clean away! They’re especially great for tough-to-reach spots and high rise homes. What's more, you can clean inside and out at the same time; allowing you to clean your windows in a hurry.

Best of all, these are the most affordable of our favourite window cleaning gadgets, with models like the Window Wizard available for less than £25.

2. Water-fed cleaning poles

If your problem isn't so much getting out to a window but getting up to one, telescopic cleaning poles with changeable brush and squeegee heads are the perfect solution. There's still the issue of having to clean the heads every few minutes, though, and that's where our next invention comes in…
A number of clever cleaning companies have developed water-fed cleaning poles, which allow you to run a specialised hose pipe all the way to your upstairs window through the telescopic pole. It's clever stuff and more importantly, very practical.

If you're tired of wobbly or heavy telescopic poles, you could even invest in one of the lightweight carbon fibre models being produced by companies like Unger, making it even easier to clean your upstairs windows.

3. Window vacuums

Streaks and drips are a thing of the past with window vacuums. The nozzle is essentially a supple plastic squeegee which cleans your windows in the same way that a conventional squeegee would. The difference comes with the added vacuum power! By sucking up the excess water, this handy tool minimises smears and stops those nasty pools of mucky water accumulating on your window sill.
They're battery powered, so there are no cables to tangle and the window vacuum works just as well on tiles and mirrors as it does on your windows. That's versatility for you.

4. Winbot

Winbot is the future of window cleaning gadgets. This nifty, Roomba-style cleaning robot is a must-have for anyone with a conservatory or floor-to-ceiling windows. The clever invention has built in cleaning, squeegee and drying mechanisms that leave a spotless finish as it navigates your window. It holds itself in place with a vacuum pump that creates a seal with the window and this holds the robot steady while still allowing it to move with ease.
The handy companion is clever enough to plan its own route and even detects frameless windows. It works on all types of glass, and can be controlled remotely to make it even easier to operate.