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7 Popular Styles of Windows

It isn’t until the time comes to replace windows that most people realise that their choice is not limited to the style they currently have in place. The idea of putting a new type of window into an existing space may seem daunting but thanks to robust modern constructions over a range of different styles, it’s an easy and straightforward procedure that doesn’t cause any damage to existing structures or require any building work.

Here are seven popular styles of windows that you might like to consider.

1. Casement Windows

Casement windows are usually hinged at the top or the side and attached to the frame by one, or potentially more, hinges.

When casement windows were originally introduced they usually contained glass panes held in place with strips of lead. They remain popular as one of the most energy-efficient and secure window styles on the market. Today’s casement windows come in a range of materials that transform the classic design into one that fits any home; uPVC, aluminium or timber.

2. Sliding Sash Windows

sash window consists of one or two panels that slide vertically within a frame to open. The design of the sash window is attributed to the English scientist and inventor Robert Hooke and the oldest surviving examples of sash windows were installed in England in the 1670s.

A classic staple found in many Georgian and Victorian houses to this day, owners who are conscious of their building’s heritage are replacing early single glazed units with modern double glazed sash windows.

3. Cottage Windows

Traditional wooden Georgian & Tudor windows are often called ‘cottage style’ because of their smaller panes and charming appearance. Today’s versions are essentially casement windows with additional elements to make them look more like their classically styled decedent. They are generally made from a range of modern materials which offer energy saving benefits, exceptional weather proofing and low maintenance whilst keeping a stylish look for older properties.

4. Dual Turn Windows

Possibly the most practical of all window designs is the dual turn which, although based on a sash style, allows panes to be completely swung around making them much easier to clean. As this design is quite niche, the materials that this design is made in is usually limited to timber.

5. Tilt and Turn

For maximum ventilation and circulation of fresh air combined with easy cleaning, tilt and turn windows are secure yet stylish solutions. Opening the top of the window allows it to tilt inwards from the bottom hinges whilst there is also the option to swing inwards from the side hinges.

6. Fully Reversible

For anything other than ground floor windows it is sometimes difficult for most people to keep clean outdoor surfaces without the services of a professional window cleaner. Fully reversible double glazed windows are the solution for anyone with awkward spaces as the sophisticated hinge technology allows them to be spun round on a horizontal axis for maximum accessibility.

7. Secondary Windows

Bespoke secondary windows which fit inside your existing windows can be a great solution if you don’t necessarily wish to replace your existing windows or cannot due to conservation issues. These fit into homes seamlessly and are a great option for those looking to enhance their property quickly and easily. Benefits can include greatly improved sound and heat insulation, as well as security.

'7 Popular Styles of Windows'

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