Can a conservatory roof be replaced?


Discover how to revive your living space with a replacement conservatory roof.

Can a conservatory roof be replaced? Can a conservatory roof be replaced?

As recently as a decade ago, Building Regulations required a conservatory to have 75% of its roof and 50% of its wall made from transparent or translucent material. Over the years, the conservatory's popularity turned to notoriety as an unusable extension. Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Fast forward to today and thousands of homes throughout the UK still have a conservatory that isn't fit for purpose.

However, through revised Building Regulations, new manufacturing techniques and technological developments, this extension is making a spectacular comeback…and simply replacing the existing conservatory roof is one of the primary reasons. So yes, replacing antiquated polycarbonate or glass roofs won't just improve the appearance of the conservatory, it can transform this extension into the valuable living space thta it is.

Can I replace my conservatory roof with a tiled roof?

Old glass or polycarbonate roofs can be replaced with a tiled roof.

Since Building Regulations were adjusted in 2010, consumer taste forced a massive shift in the conservatory market across the country. While many homeowners love the flow of light and the traditional aesthetic of a glass or polycarbonate roof, the rise in popularity of the tiled conservatory roof solidified the change.

One of the primary benefits of the tiled roof is its exceptional thermal efficiency. Insulation is fitted into the roof giving the conservatory an extra layer of protection from the elements. Just how effective is this protection? A U value is a measure of thermal transmittance: the lower the value, the better an object is at retaining heat. The average standard house roof has a U value of around 0.11 W/m2k. A tiled conservatory roof can achieve a U value as low as 0.12 W/m2k.

The roof's lightweight design and can easily be installed on existing conservatory frames, regardless of its shape. The roof can be configured to your home and personal taste with a variety of options, including slate colour, roof angles and plastered interior ceiling finishes. It can also feature skylights to allow a flow of natural light to flood the room.

Can I replace my polycarbonate conservatory roof with glass?

Polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofs can be replaced with a modern glass alternative.

The roofs that were installed over 20 years ago were state-of-the-art, for their time. This dated design combined with natural wear-and-tear leads to condensation, mould and extreme seasonal temperatures. This could lead homeowners to think that the conservatory is irredeemable. However, this simply not true thanks to the stunning range of replacement glass conservatory roofs from Everest.

Advancements in glass technology make replacement glass conservatory roofs considerably more thermally efficient than its predecessor. The roof is crafted using aluminium for a sturdy and robust frame that can withstand the worst that the British weather can throw at you. Our range of glass roofs can be fully customised and fitted to the existing conservatory frame. There are also a variety of glazing options to choose from, with each precision-engineered option featuring their own unique benefits. These choices include:


This specialist coating reflects radiant heat back into the room as it tries to escape. Locking the warmth in helps to keep energy bills low, without sacrificing any natural light.

Solar glass

Solar glass is specially treated to allow light in but reflects solar energy while reducing glare. This allows the conservatory to stay bright but maintain a more comfortable temperature than regular glazing.


This high-performance glazing option combines the benefits of solar glass with self-cleaning glass. The self-cleaning coating reacts with sunlight to shed dust and grime which washes away when it rains, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

LivinROOF - solid and glass conservatory roofs

The LivinROOF's flexibility to combine glazed and solid roofing has truly revolutionised the replacement conservatory roof market. The roof's design is made up of reliable layers of insulation, from the high-performance PU board insulation to the exterior insulating panels. This clever design can make the LivinROOF up to 15 times more thermally efficient than the roof it replaces.

This replacement conservatory roof option is one of the most configurable on the market. Full-length glass panels can be incorporated into the roof for a bright and spacious aesthetic in the room below. Inside, the roof and walls are plastered for a smooth finish, with the option to integrate downlights, spotlights or even speakers.

Why should I get a replacement conservatory roof from Everest?

Modern conservatory roofs are engineered for year-round use and crafted to seamlessly integrate with your home. With a myriad of choices, the process can get a little confusing. Our expert advisors and design consultants work with you at every step of the process, taking into account your requirements and personal taste to revive the valuable living space. We even take care of all the necessary regulations (although planning permission is often not required for a new roof).

Our replacement conservatory roofs are guaranteed for 10 years, with tiles being guaranteed for an incredible 25 years. Our installation meets accredited standards and our roof installers even dispose of your old roof in an environmentally friendly way.

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