How to tighten a door handle


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How to Fix a Loose Door Handle (uPVC)

Follow our step-by-step guide to fix your loose door handle.

Fix a loose door handle

If you have a loose door handle, this is usually nothing to worry about. Your door handle could feel floppy and loose and no longer has the solid and firm feeling of a new door. Your uPVC door hardware will experience a lot of use through opening and closing. For a front door or the main door, this could be excessive.

It’s quite common for the screws to work loose over time.

To test if your door handle is loose and not broken, there will be a visible gap between the handle base plate and the door frame (see the featured image at the top of the page). A tightened handle will not have any gaps around the edges.

It’s not a good idea to leave a loose door handle, as it can damage the handle or door. In fact, it’s good maintenance to regularly check and tighten screws on your door handles to keep them in good working order.

To fix your loose door handle, you only need to tighten the base plate screws with a cross-head screwdriver and just five minutes of time.

Watch our Everest Expert in the video below to show you how to tighten a loose door handle on a uPVC door.

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Tools you will needDuration
Screwdriver5 minutes

How to Fix a Loose Door Handle

Step 1

Step 1

First, make sure the door you are working on is propped open or secured safely, so this procedure is easier to complete without the worry of the door closing mid-operation. Begin by locating your screws Composite door handles typically have two screws holding them in place, and they will be located on the inside of the door for security. If you’re struggling to locate the screws, they will most likely be covered by caps for aesthetic purposes.

Step 2

Using your Phillips-head Screwdriver tighten the top screw. Make sure you cannot make any gap between the door frame and handle once it is tightened.

Step 2
Step 3

Step 3

Using your Phillips-head Screwdriver tighten the bottom screw. Make sure you cannot make any gap between the door frame and handle once it is tightened. Beware of over-tightening the handle as this can damage the door. It should be tight enough that you can’t slide anything between the handle and the door. But not be so tight that it cuts into the door or takes effort to tighten the screw.

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