How wide is a door?


Doors come in more than one size but what is the standard width? Find out below.

How wide is a door? How wide is a door?

The standard front or back door width will vary depending on the type of door. However, doors also come in more than one standard size. If you've ever wondered 'how wide is a standard external door?', for example, they come in standard widths of 28, 30, 32 and 36 inches. We've created a table below so you can see their width in millimetres and other units of length:

Standard width of exterior doors

Size in inches (in)Size in millimetres (mm)Size in feet (ft)

Although front and back doors are available in a number of standard sizes, the Internal Residential Code requires that the primary door, which is usually the front door, must be at least 36 inches wide. This will fit into an opening which is about 38 inches wide and the purpose of the extra space is intended for the jamb and the floor covering. A small amount of space around the outside of the door will also be accounted for. This is so the door is able to open and close smoothly.

Made to measure residential doors

It's important to bear in mind that the standard external door sizes are not suitable for every home. For example, period properties are often fitted with doors that are unusually shaped. In certain cases, newer homes are also fitted with irregularly sized doors. For these types of homes, a door will either need to be trimmed down or made-to-measure.

If you require a uPVC or aluminium door, these cannot be trimmed down so they will be made to measure. However, it's possible for wooden doors to be cut down to size. Trimming the door down is a great option for anyone requiring a door that is only slightly slimmer than the standard 36 inches.

How wide is a standard internal door in the UK?

Over the last few decades in England and Wales, the most commonly used width for a standard internal door has been 762mm, which equates to 2.5ft. However, in Scotland, the average width of an internal door is 726mm (2.38ft), which is a little narrower.

Like external doors, they actually come in a variety of different sizes. They can also be made to measure if required. Some internal doors are built as wide as 926mm (3.084ft), although, in rare cases, they might even be as slim as 457mm (1.5ft) wide.

Internal doors that are made to measure

If you require an internal door that is not a standard size, the door can either be trimmed down or, as previously mentioned, made to measure. Bear in mind that flush or pressed hardboard style doors are difficult to trim because they have hollow cores, are filled with a lightweight honeycomb and have a thick outer covering. However, it's far easier to trim hardwood and solid internal doors down to size.

Standard door sizes UK (width)

Of course, there are far more door options for homeowners to consider than front, back and internal doors. Like these options, however, they also come in a variety of standard sizes, which we have looked into below.

French doors

The standard size for French doors varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, they tend to be either 1200mm (3.94ft), 1500mm (4.92ft) or 1800mm (5.9ft) wide. If opting for a set of French doors with sidelights, they can be built up to 3000mm (9.84ft) wide.

Bifold doors

The standard size for external bifold doors is dependent on the size of the aperture. Two-panel bifold doors tend to be about 1800mm (5.9ft) wide, and 6 door options about 4800mm (15.75ft). This means that the standard width of an individual bifold door panel is around 900mm (2.95ft).

If you'd like a set of external bifold doors that are significantly larger, however, you should opt for a set of aluminium bifolds, like those on offer here at Everest. Aluminium bi-folding doors can be built much wider thanks to the use of a mechanical joint. This enables them to be built as wide as 6420mm (21ft), with individual panel sizes up to 1200mm (3.94ft).

Sliding patio doors

The standard width of sliding patio doors is dependent on how many panels they are fitted with. However, the width of a standard panel will be around 1m. Therefore, 2, 3 and 4-panel sliding doors will be around 2m, 3m and 4m in width respectively. It is possible for them to be created smaller and larger than this; here at Everest, we offer sliding door options that are between 1180mm (3.87ft) and 4800mm (15.75ft) wide.

Garage doors

When you order a garage door, the sizes that are referred to as 'standard' are actually references to a close imperial rounded size, which rarely represents the garage's overall width and height. With that said, the most common width for a single up and over garage in the UK is 7ft (2133mm). However, the standard widths for them start at 6'6" (1981mm) and go up in increments of 6 inches up until 9ft (2743mm), after which they go up in increments of 1ft. The maximum standard width for them is 14ft (4267mm).

The most common width for side-hinged garage doors is also 7ft, although they will have an outer subframe that is between 50-70mm all around. Here at Everest, we install side-hinged garage doors along with up and over, sectional and roller variations. All of them are available in a selection of colours, materials and styles to suit individual homeowners.

High-quality made to measure and standard size doors for your UK home from Everest

No matter what style and size door you require, when buying from Everest, you'll be getting the best for your home. Plus, all of our door options are available in a range of standard sizes or they can be made-to-measure, depending on your requirements.

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