How wide is a door?

Standard Door Sizes in the UK

There isn’t one overall standard door size in the UK, but there are a few sizes that are common across homes and door manufacturers.

Standard door size in the UK

Comparing door sizes can be confusing as there isn’t one overall standard door size chart that all door manufacturers adhere to. Different companies offer different sizes of doors and some homes require bespoke non-standard door sizes to be made. And then throw in inches compared to metric sizes.

When researching new front doors and internal doors, there are common sizes you can use as a guide and we have listed these in the standard door size charts below.

Most important to consider is that for new builds, accessibility to a dwelling and internal door sizes are required to be a minimum size to meet building regulations.

What is the standard UK door width?

As we said above, there is no standard door size in the UK.

BUT, the most common (standard) door width in England and Wales is 2’ 6” – 30 inches – 762mm.

In Scotland, the door width is a little smaller, usually measuring 28.5 inches – 726mm.

What is the standard door height in the UK?

The most common (standard) door height in England and Wales is 6’ 6” – 78 inches – 1981mm.

In Scotland the door height is a little taller: 80 inches – 2040mm.

What is a standard internal door size?

For new builds, doorways must meet minimum requirements for building regulations. See Approved Document Part M.

Note, there are different rules for properties built as:

  • Visitable dwellings M4(1)
  • Accessible and adaptable dwellings M4 (2)
  • Wheelchair user dwellings M4 (3)

standard door size for wheelcahir access

Image from The Building Regulations 2010

Standard door width for wheelchair access

To allow for wheelchair access (in a visitable dwelling), internal doors must have a minimum clear opening of 750mm.

Note, the clear opening is not the same as the door width. A 826mm wide door will give a clear opening of 775mm.

Thinking About A New Door?

Everest offer a range of standard sizes on some doors and we produce bespoke made-to-measure door sets for non-standard sizes

What is a standard external front door size?

Building regulations state that an entrance door for a new build has a minimum clear opening width of 775mm (in a visitable dwelling, there are other rules for dwellings built specifically for wheelchair users).

For entrance doors built in dwellings since 1999, the threshold must remain level, to allow for accessibility.

Standard UK door sizes conversion chart (metric to imperial)

The following are a selection of standard (common) door sizes available in the UK from a variety of manufacturers. Note, Everest do not stock all of these sizes as standard. But, we do offer a bespoke made-to-measure service for any door size required.

Imperial door size  H x WImperial Door Size  H x WMetric door sizes  H x W
78 x 18"6'6" x 1'6"1981 x 457 mm
78 x 21"6'6" x 1'9"1981 x 533 mm
78 x 24"6'6" x 2'0"1981 x 610 mm
78 x 27"6'6" x 2'3"1981 x 686 mm
78 x 28"6'6" x 2'4"1981 x 711 mm
78 x 30"6'6" x 2'6"1981 x 762 mm
78 x 33"6'6" x 2'9"1981 x 838 mm
80¼ x 24⅝"6' 8¼" x 2' ⅝"2040 x 626 mm
80¼ x 28⅝"6' 8¼" x 2' 4⅝"2040 x 726 mm
80¼ x 32½ "6' 8¼" x 2' 8½"2040 x 826 mm

Fire door standard sizes

Fire doors are available in different sizes (width and height).

The standard size for a fire door is a thickness of 44mm or 54mm. The increased depth to a non-fire door is the amount of time it would take for fire to burn through the door.

  • 44mm – 30 minutes (FD 30)
  • 54mm – 60 minutes (FD 60)

Standard patio door size

The width of sliding patio doors is dependent on how many panels they are fitted with. We offer sliding door options that are between:

  • 1180mm (3.87ft) wide
  • 4800mm (15.75ft) wide

Standard bi-fold door sizes

The standard size for external bi-fold doors is dependent on the size of the aperture. Aluminium bi-folding doors can be built up to 21 ft, with individual panel sizes up to 1200mm (3.94ft).

At Everest, we manufacture bifolds between:

  • Two-panel bifold doors = 1800mm (5.9ft) wide
  • Seven-panel options = 6420mm (15.75ft) wide

Standard french door size

The standard width for French doors are:

  • 1200mm (3.94ft)
  • 1500mm (4.92ft)
  • 1800mm (5.9ft)

If opting for a set of French doors with sidelights, they can be built up to 3000mm (9.84ft) wide.

How to measure a door

When measuring a door, it is important to remember these key points:

  • Doors should always be measured from the inside.
  • Doors should always be measured horizontally, from reveal to reveal, brick to brick.
  • When measuring vertically, the door should be measured from the head reveal down to the bottom of the door. If there is a door cill built on to the frame, then that must be included in the vertical measurement as well.
  • If there is a door cill that is separate to the frame, then that does not need to be measured.

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