What size is a standard house window?


Although windows come in a range of unique shapes, we can help you work out what size window you have & need.

What size is a standard house window A standard house window size

House windows come in a range of shapes, styles and materials, although many window manufacturers do offer standard window sizes. Before looking into the standard windows sizes in the UK, however, it's important that you learn how to work out what size replacement window you will need.

How can I work out what size window I need?

Window manufacturers use a simple size notation for replacement windows, which you can use to work out what size window you need. This notation is essentially the width and height combined. The first two numbers denote the width and the second two denote the height. For example, a window with a size notation of 3236 will have a width of 3 foot 2 inches (96.52cm) and a height of 3 foot 6 inches (106.68cm).

Bear in mind that the actual window measurements will be about half an inch less than the whole number identifier. This is done to make the windows easier to install. So, for a window that is marked to fit a 36in (91.44cm) by 36in opening, it will actually measure around 35.5in (90.17cm) by 35.5in.

What are the standard house window sizes in the UK?

This will depend on what type of window it is but we've covered all of the popular UK window styles, so you're aware of the standard sizes that are available.

Standard casement window sizes

Casement windows are the most popular style of window for UK homeowners. However, as properties vary so widely in terms of design and age, the industry does not specify a standard size for them. But in spite of this, those who manufacture ready-made windows offer them in a range of set sizes. We've listed some common standard sizes for single casement windows in various units of length below:

Inches (in)Foot (ft)Centimetres (cm)
25in by 35in2.08ft by 2.92ft63.5cm by 89cm
29in by 47in2.42ft by 3.92ft73.66cm by 119.4cm
29in by 59in2.42ft by 4.92ft73.66cm by 149.86cm

Tilt & turn window sizes

Tilt and turn windows are a practical window solution for any blocks of flats and other locations that are above a storey in height. Typically, a single tilt and turn window comes in a minimum size of 60cm (23.6in) by 50cm (19.7in), and a maximum size of 190cm (74.8in) by 130cm (51.2in).

However, double tilt and turn windows come in a minimum size of 60cm (23.6in) by 120cm (47.2in), and a maximum size of 170cm (66.9in) by 240cm (94.5in). For a triple variant with 2 outer opening panes, they come in a minimum size of 60cm (23.6in) by 160cm (62.3in) and a maximum size of 190cm (74.8in) by 300cm (118.1in).

When considering the size that you require for your home, it's important to consider that, once the opening section becomes wider than the height, that is how wide you can go. Otherwise, you'll be placing too much strain on the hinges or there might not be enough room to open them internally.

Standard sash window sizes

Sliding sash windows are a classic style of window, perfect for embellishing period properties. During the Victorian and Edwardian periods, the standard width for them was approximately 4 feet (1.2m). As most of the UK properties with sash windows were built during this time, this figure is about as close to a standard size as you can get. However, they are also available in other standard widths, which are as follows:

  • 36 inches (91.44cm)
  • 48 inches (121.9cm)
  • 60 inches (152.4cm)
  • 72 inches (182.9cm)
  • 84 inches (213.4cm)

Sash windows also come in a number of standard heights, which we’ve listed below:

  • 24 inches (60.96cm)
  • 36 inches (91.44cm)
  • 48 inches (121.9cm)
  • 60 inches (152.4cm)

Like other types of windows, they can also be uniquely made to measure. This is worth bearing in mind because their size was more varied prior to and during the Georgian era. So, if you're replacing sash windows on these types of property, they might need to be specially made. Standard and made-to-measure sash windows are, however, available from us here at Everest.

Standard bay window sizes

Bay windows are an excellent way to create a stylish focal point at the front of your property whilst flooding a room with light. Because they protrude out from the wall, they can also provide additional space for seating or storage.

They come in standard widths beginning at 3 foot 6 inches (101.6cm) and going as wide as 10 foot 6 inches (320cm). Height wise, they range from 3 foot (91.44cm) to 6 foot 6 inches tall (198.12cm).

Standard window sizes by room

Generally, rooms in the home will have windows of different sizes because the light and ventilation requirements are not the same in every room. Plus, you might have smaller windows in a bathroom, for example, to maintain privacy levels. We've covered the standard window sizes for the main rooms in the home, to give you an idea of what you should look out for.

Bathroom windows

As previously mentioned, your bathroom windows will most likely be smaller than those which are fitted within your kitchen, living room or bedroom. The standard size for them will also depend on which type of window they are (casement, sliding sash, etc.). We advise you check the standard window sizes above and how to work out which size you window you need to determine if there's a standard size window that is suitable for use in your bathroom.

Living room windows

Living rooms tend to have the largest windows in the home. As the lounge is one of the most frequently used rooms and often the focal point of the property, it's important for the windows to look good and allow in plenty of light. Sliding sash, bay and casement windows are commonly used for living rooms, so the respective standard sizes for these window types should help you find suitable replacements.

Kitchen windows

The height of windows in a kitchen will differ depending on where they are located. For example, windows located above the sink are calculated by considering the height of your kitchen cabinets and the thickness of the countertop, whilst any windows that are fitted above a backsplash will need to take the height of the backsplash into account.

Bedroom windows

This will depend on the age and style of your home. In the past 20 years, for example, larger bedroom windows have increased in popularity. However, many older properties would have used standard sizes for bedroom windows, which we've listed below:

  • 24 inch by 36 inch (61cm by 91.44cm)
  • 24 inch by 46 inch (61cm by 116.84cm)
  • 28 inch by 54 inch (71.12cm by 137.16cm)
  • 28 inch by 66 inch (71.12cm by 167.64cm)
  • 28 inch by 70 inch (71.12cm by 177.8cm)
  • 34 inch by 46 inch (86.36cm by 116.84 cm)
  • 34 inch by 62 inch (86.36cm by 157.48cm)

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