Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing Benefits

Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing

What is the difference between double glazing and triple glazing windows and which is the better option for your home? We carried out an experiment to demonstrate which type of glazing is better.

Triple glazing vs Double Glazing

The science behind thermal technology

See why Everest Triple Glazing is the best.

Heat loss costs you money. Badly-made windows lose heat, but as it's not visible, most people don't even think about it. So, we thought we’d show you what losing money looks like.

To see just how much heat old windows leak compared to Everest Triple Glazed Windows, we invited an independent thermographic consultant to put them to the test. Watch the short video and see how Everest keeps the heat in and the bills down.

We took two identical houses

In our quest to demonstrate how customers can save money by fitting Everest double or triple glazing we found two identical houses side by side. We then got up early one morning and with the help of an independent specialist, Adam, who is a real 'thermographer' we measured the heat lost by both houses with a special camera. Woodbrook Cottage on the left has standard double glazing, Briar Cottage on the right has Everest Triple Glazing fitted. With his specialist camera, Adam made images of both houses in exactly the same weather conditions to show the thermal loss from each house.

The difference is clear to see with cold areas of a house. Where the property sees no heat loss, it is shown in blue. Bright colours like green, red and yellow demonstrate where the house is losing valuable heat.

Craig on location

Key points from the survey

The thermographer and camera used for the experiment:
Thermographic Survey Undertaken by Adam Smith, Thermographic Consultant, on the 11.01.16 with a Flir T640 Thermal Imaging Camera.

Process of the test:
The survey was performed to provide a qualitative thermal performance comparison between two adjacent properties; Woodbrook House, with standard double glazing and Briar Cottage, with Everest A++ Triple Glazing.

What the test visibly shows:
Woodbrook showed greater energy loss through window panes, frames, and doorways. Briar Cottage had only slight energy loss from around its window frames, with little to no thermographic differentials shown in the centre of the panes.

Woodbrook Cottage Briar Cottage

Understanding the difference between thermal images:
The darker colours on thermal images represent colder surfaces, and the lighter colours represent hotter surfaces where heat is being lost.

Understanding thermal images

To read the expert's full report click here.

What is the difference between double and triple glazing?

Everest triple glazing is designed with an extra pane of glass, enabling enhanced performance in a number of ways:

  • Retaining more heat, making your home warmer. That's why it's been given an A++ energy rating.
  • Nothing disrupts a cosy night in more than external sounds invading our homes. The extra pane serves to block out even more than our double glazed windows.
  • Triple glazing is more difficult to break, meaning it's safer for extra peace of mind. They also feature a multi-point locking system as standard for extra security.

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