Georgian Bars

Georgian Bars

Enhance the timeless elegance of your windows with Georgian bars. Explore our collection of Georgian bar designs, adding a touch of sophistication and traditional charm to your home.

Georgian Bars

What Are Georgian Bars?

Georgian bars are decorative elements that give windows a distinct Georgian style, adding a touch of traditional elegance to any property. These bars can be positioned horizontally or vertically, either on the inside or outside of a window pane, creating a grid pattern reminiscent of traditional Georgian windows. Typically crafted from uPVC, timber, or aluminium, Georgian bars are chosen to match the window frame material.

Georgian bars serve as ornamental features that mimic the appearance of individual glass panes within a window. They can be integrated into both double-glazed windows or triple-glazed windows, offering versatility. The bars are arranged in a grid formation, with horizontal and vertical elements dividing the window into smaller sections.

The term "Georgian" references the historical period between 1714 and 1830 when this window style gained popularity. Homeowners and builders often select Georgian bars to infuse their properties with a touch of traditional elegance, especially in period homes or those with a classic architectural aesthetic. Our collection of Georgian bar designs offers a range of options, from different finishes to various sizes, to align with your property's style.

Types of Georgian Bars

At Everest, we offer 2 types of Georgian bars:


Internal Georgian bars, also known as decorative window bars, are a popular architectural feature that can add a touch of elegance to any home or building. These bars are typically made of wood or uPVC and are fitted to the inside of a double-glazed window, creating the illusion of individual panes of glass. This style of window was popular in the Georgian era, hence the name, and has remained popular due to its timeless aesthetic appeal. Internal Georgian bars can be customised to match the style of the property and are often used in traditional or period homes to enhance their character and charm. Additionally, they provide a practical solution for those who want the look of traditional windows without the high maintenance and energy inefficiency associated with single-glazed windows.


External Georgian bars, also known as astragal bars, are decorative bars that consist of spacer Georgian bars within the glazing unit and an additional set of external bars fitted to the outside of the window to create the appearance of individual panes of glass. They are a popular choice for those who want to add a touch of traditional elegance to their property. The use of external Georgian bars is particularly common in period properties or those with a traditional architectural style. They can be customised to match the style of the property and come in a range of designs and finishes. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, external Georgian bars can also help to protect the window glass from impact damage.

Georgian Bar Designs

At Everest, we offer a range of Georgian bar designs to elevate the beauty of your windows. Our bars are available in 18mm and 25mm sizes, with the 25mm option only available in white.

Whether you want to add a touch of traditional charm to your property or enhance its modern aesthetic, our Georgian bars are the perfect choice. Contact us today to learn more about our options and how we can help you achieve the look you desire.

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Commonly Asked Questions

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    Are Georgian bar windows more expensive?

    Georgian bar windows can be more expensive than windows without Georgian bars, but the cost depends on various factors such as the type of material used, the size and style of the windows, and the complexity of the grid pattern.

    For instance, if you choose wooden Georgian bar windows, they are likely to be more expensive than uPVC or aluminum Georgian bar windows due to the cost of materials and the additional labor involved in crafting and fitting the bars. Similarly, if the Georgian bars have a more intricate design, this can increase the cost of the windows.

    However, the cost of Georgian bar windows can also depend on the type of window, as casement windows, sash windows, and tilt and turn windows all have different prices.

    It is important to note that while Georgian bar windows may be more expensive than windows without Georgian bars, they can add value to a property and improve its overall aesthetic appeal. Therefore, it is important to consider the long-term benefits and value when deciding whether or not to invest in Georgian bar windows.

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    How are Georgian bars made?

    Georgian bars can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and uPVC. Depending on the material used, the manufacturing process will differ.

    When opting for wooden Georgian bars, it is crucial to ensure that the bars are cut and shaped precisely, and attached to the window frame with a strong adhesive or screws. The bars must then be sanded and finished carefully to match the appearance of the window.

    In the case of metal Georgian bars, precision machinery is used to cut and shape the bars to the desired dimensions. Specialised clips or brackets are used to secure the bars to the window frame.

    For uPVC Georgian bars, plastic extrusion technology is utilized to mold the bars to the desired size and shape. The bars are then attached to the window frame with specialised clips or brackets.

    Regardless of the material used, the key to creating high-quality Georgian bars is to ensure that the bars are crafted with precision and attention to detail. It is essential to work with a skilled craftsman who has experience in creating and installing Georgian bars to achieve the desired aesthetic.

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    What are the differences between Georgian Bars and Astragal Bars?

    While both Astragal and Georgian bars offer cost savings and enhance the exterior appearance of windows, there is a significant distinction between them. Georgian bars are installed within the sealed double-glazing unit of the window, positioned between two glass panes. This design allows the glass surface to remain smooth, making it easier to clean.

    On the other hand, Astragal bars consist of spacer Georgian bars within the double-glazing unit and an additional set of external bars placed over the glazing unit itself. This configuration creates the illusion of the window being divided into smaller sections, giving it an authentic period window look. Due to the need for extra materials and additional installation work, windows with Astragal bars are more expensive than those featuring only Georgian bars.

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    Why choose Astragal or Georgian Bars?

    There are several compelling reasons why homeowners choose either Astragal bars or Georgian bars for their property. Some of the most common benefits include:

    • Enhanced Period-Style Aesthetics: Both Astragal and Georgian bars can lend a stylish and timeless look to windows, evoking the charm of period-era designs. This adds to the overall curb appeal of the property.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Both types of bars offer a cost-effective solution as they utilise a single pane of glass instead of multiple smaller panes. This can result in savings compared to traditional divided-pane windows.
    • Security and Energy Efficiency: When combined with modern window technology, both Astragal and Georgian bars can provide excellent security features and energy efficiency. They offer the advantages of contemporary vertical sliding sash windows or casement windows, ensuring a comfortable and protected living environment.
    • Versatility across Home Styles: Both types of bars complement various architectural styles, ranging from period and heritage homes to townhouses and contemporary residences. They can seamlessly blend with the overall design aesthetic of the property.
    • Suitable for Conservation Areas: Astragal and Georgian bars may be well-suited for use in conservation areas, although it is important to obtain approval for their installation to comply with local regulations and preservation requirements.

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