A Very British Hygge

A Very British Hygge

Everest published a book about how to embrace the Danish concept of hygge to achieve happiness, peace and security. We could all do with a little more hygge in our life.

Hygge in your conservatory

What is hygge?

An almost ritualised appreciation of calmness, cosiness and enjoying life's simple pleasures – has taken Britain by storm; partly due to the recognition that the Danes are regularly ranked the "happiest people on earth".

A diagram of how the concept of hygge can be used to warm your conservatory

A copy of the hygge book 'A very British Hygge' by Simon Sinclair, from Everest

A Very British Hygge, the book

We published a book looking into hygge here in Britain, titled 'A Very British Hygge' written by Simon Sinclair.

The book reveals that we Brits are pretty good at hygge ourselves – we've just never had a name for it before. So Simon Sinclair explores the ways in which we can be happier in ourselves by simply enjoying the little things in life. Because when you learn how to do that, they become the big things. To download your free copy click here.

How to warm your conservatory in winter

During the winter your conservatory may feel too cold which is an unwelcome surprise when you want to feel comfy. However, there are many ways to warm your conservatory including underfloor heating which distributes heat evenly across the whole conservatory floor, and electric radiators which warm up relatively quickly to keep your conservatory warm. The older the conservatory, the more likely it will have poor roof insulation - a big contributing factor to lowering the temperature in your conservatory. A replacement conservatory roof will not only improve efficiency and reduce heating bills but add great looks and value too.

How to keep conservatory warm in winter

TV psychologist Emma Kenny smiling in a warm conservatory

Why a hygge home is a happy home

The phrase "home is where the heart is" epitomises the way that the majority of us feel about where we live. Our homes are not simply bricks and mortar; they are the foundation and embodiment of personal sanctuary, a space where we truly feel ourselves. Making our homes a little piece of personal perfection is actually really good for improving wellbeing and there are numerous studies that have evidenced how the way we organise and look after our homes can make us feel really positive about our personal worlds.

Our top 10 hygge ideas for this autumn and winter

  • Have a pyjama day, watching old black and white films back-to-back, with popcorn and hot dogs.
  • If you have a fireplace, why not toast marshmallows with the kids and camp overnight by the fireside with them? You could even make your morning toast over the fire with them.
  • Go for a walk before breakfast while the crunchy frost is still on the ground. Make doughnuts.
  • Make one day a week your regular board game night with friends.
  • Shovel snow off someone else’s driveway.
  • Play board games and drink hot chocolate with floating marshmallows while the rain lashes on the window outside.
  • Make a home-made autumn pot pourri.
  • Collect coloured leaves and make a collage picture with the kids.
  • Serve soup in a hollowed-out pumpkins with crusty bread.
  • Go to the beach and eat fish and chips under a blanket while watching the dog frolic in the waves.