Home improvement scam in Yorkshire


Home improvement scam in Yorkshire

Everest warns North Yorkshire residents over home improvement scam.

National home improvement company Everest is warning homeowners in North Yorkshire to be vigilant following a series of scams in and around the York area that have seen customers lose thousands of pounds to a rogue company falsely claiming its identity.

To date, over 15 households in the York area have been identified as falling victim to the scammers, with many paying deposits to a company they believed was Everest. One homeowner unwittingly paid several thousand pounds before realising the company was not legitimate.

This is a very distressing situation for the homeowners concerned, some of whom have parted with large sums of money. They thought they were letting a reputable brand into their homes but have been duped by fraudsters riding on the back of our trusted reputation. We are already in contact with some of the customers affected and are supporting them as best we can, given the unusual circumstances.

The North Yorkshire Police are investigating the situation and we understand they are starting to close in on the culprits but we would remind homeowners to be extra vigilant. As a company, we take customer security very seriously. We have a page on our website where there are photographs of all the Everest sales people operating in each area, and they always carry photo identification as well, so you can check they are genuine via our website.

If anyone has any concerns regarding someone claiming to be from Everest, we would encourage them to give us a call on 0800 010 123 so we can confirm if they are indeed talking to an Everest representative. Similarly, if anyone else has been affected by the scammers, we'd urge them to get in contact as we will do what we can to help. Further details and support can also be found on our website at spokesperson

Anyone who suspects they may have been a victim of the scam should contact the detective in charge of the investigation, Detective Constable Mike Holden at North Yorkshire Police on 01904 618691.