Introducing the New Window and Door System from Everest


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23rd October 2023

Introducing the New Window and Door System from Everest

New Everest Window and Doors
At Everest, our focus is on innovation and providing the best-in-class windows and doors that keep homes warmer, more secure and quieter.

We're pleased to present our new window and door system, meticulously re-imagined to achieve our highest in performance, style and sustainability.

Better Performing

  • Our new uPVC window frames in combination with our best ever triple glazing achieves exceptionally low u-values, meaning it’s brilliant at keeping heat inside your home and saving you money on your energy bills.
  • Our wide range of glazing options allow you to customise your windows according to the conditions within your home, meaning you can prevent overheating, keep a cold room warmer, opt for higher security on certain aspects of your home or select our noise reducing glass for rooms affected by traffic or airport noise.
  • Our locking system, door hinges and new uPVC frames have all been tested and conform to PAS24 2022 and are Secured by Design meaning they deliver excellent security performance.

Coastal Window Handle

Better Looking

  • Choose from a range of 11 different colours to complement your home, all beautifully matched across window trims, cills and trickle vents, plus you can match the door frame to your new door.
  • Our expanded furniture range now includes a range of premium anti-corrosion Coastal designs, proven to withstand the harshest conditions.
  • We also offer internal and external Georgian bars, leading and thousands of opening configurations meaning you can design the window that perfectly complements your home.


Small Steps Towards Being Kinder to the Environment

Our products will always require high energy usage to produce, but we are now taking steps towards improving what we do and how we work.

We are doing this by incorporating more recycled material into our products, in a way that does not alter their performance and focuses on creating windows that are more recyclable at the end of their life.

Plus, all of our products are proudly manufactured in the UK, minimising the distance they need to travel to reach your home.