Everest launch Acoustic Glass


Everest launch Noise Reducing Glass

New noise reducing glass set to give homeowners a better night's sleep

Intrusive road noise and even noisy neighbours could be far less of an issue in the future, thanks to the launch of new noise-reducing glass that has been specially engineered to disrupt and absorb sound waves, keeping unwanted noise outside.

Introduced by Everest Home Improvements, the laminated noise reducing glass has a special polymer layer sandwiched between two panes of glass, which interrupts sound waves to reduce noise pollution.

Its exceptional sound-proofing qualities have been thoroughly tested, with an Everest noise-reducing glass window found to reduce noise by 40dB, compared with 33dB for Everest’s standard double glazed windows – itself a market-leading decibel reduction.

Everest laminated acoustic glass fitted in a bedroom

Noise reduction can be expressed in terms of distance when it comes to our perception, to give it some context. Each 3dB reduction in noise effectively doubles the distance, or halves our perception of the sound. For instance, if you have a noisy road 20 metres from your house, fitting Everest noise reducing glass will give the impression of pushing that road 80 metres away. This makes a huge difference not only to the noise pollution levels within our home, but also to our general health and wellbeing.

A recent survey commissioned by Everest found that on average we are kept awake over 70 nights a year by noise or disturbances from outside our homes, which has a detrimental effect on our mood and productivity the next day, so anything that can reduce the impact of unwanted noise has to be a good thing.Everest spokesperson

A living room with Everest acoustic triple glazed windows installed

Available from May 2018, Everest's noise-reducing glass on double and triple glazed windows has an A+ rated thermal performance and are more secure than other windows due to the lamination process, which means the glass is virtually impossible to break. The laminated glass also blocks 99% of UV rays, helping to reduce the fading and bleaching of furniture and other fabrics by the sun.

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