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Security System Benefits

Our security systems come with the following benefits

  • 24 hour monitoring

    At Everest, home security has always been at the forefront of our mind when designing our products and our 24 hour monitoring system really has helped take our security systems to the next level.

    Not only can our systems be used to detect intrusions but it also flags up other potential emergencies such as smoke and heat. There is also the option of adding a panic alarm function.

    Each sensor not only sends an alert once it is activated, but it regularly reports its own status so that the system knows it is operational.

  • Pre-entry detection

    Based on our experts’ analysis of your home, they will suggest the optimum placement of your window and door sensors. You will have 10 sensors installed with our standard system and this is expandable at any point in the future should you wish to install additional home security features.

    The purpose of these sensors is to cover optimum space so that no intruder can attempt to gain entry to your home without being detected. The sensors will sit discreetly on your windows and doors, automatically sending an alert if they are opened.

  • Wireless sensors

    Nobody likes to see wires. At best, they make a place look untidy. At worst, they cause trip hazards and lead to things getting pulled from the walls and broken. Also, with home security devices such as sensors, it can be more beneficial for them to remain discreet so that intruders don’t know they have been activated.

    Because we care about attention to detail and want to provide our customers with the best potential products for their home, we have worked hard to create devices that are subtle and minimalistic in design but offer optimum efficiency.

    Our experts are trained in where best to position such mechanisms and also, how to fit them so they are as secure as possible.

  • User-friendly controls

    It’s all very well fitting a top level home security system, but if the system is overly complicated to use or, worse still, it triggers so easily that the homeowner finds it less troublesome to switch it off - which incredibly does happen - then the whole set-up becomes useless.

    Our control panels are built to be user friendly and key fobs quickly arm and disarm the system, giving you maximum security with minimum fuss.

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