Artificial Grass

Artificial grass

Artificial Grass

Greener Grass, An Easy-Care Lawn Alternative

  • Made-to-measure artificial grass
  • Safe for children & pets
  • Low maintenance lawn
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

Realistic, Natural-Looking Artificial Turf

We supply and install a range of true-to-life artificial grass, all available across the UK. Artificial Grass is an excellent solution and there are several benefits of choosing artificial grass over real grass for your garden, the main advantage being you get a perfect, immaculate lawn with little maintenance required. At Everest, we only offer made-to-measure artificial grass so whatever the shape of your desired lawn, you get a bespoke solution and a perfect fit.

Everest artificial grass

Why Choose Everest As An Artificial Grass Installer?

Grass Safe For Pets & Children

Everest Greener Grass® is a soft, non-abrasive surface that contains no mud so it's completely safe for children and animals while remaining luscious and green all year round.

No Mowing & Very Little Maintenance

Our artificial turf, Everest Greener Grass® has a Geotex membrane limiting the chance of weeds growing through and requires no mowing, trimming or watering. In fact, very little maintenance is required to keep your lawn looking great.

Everest artificial grass
Everest artificial grass.

Stunning Looking Lawn All Year Round

An artificial lawn will look stunning whatever the season. Thanks to our realistic grass, you can get all the year round beauty of a natural looking lawn whatever the weather.

Commonly Asked Artificial Grass Questions

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    What are the advantages of artificial grass?

    The greatest advantage is that your garden can stay looking great with very limited maintenance required. All you need to do is give the surface an occasional brush with a broom.

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    Do you install artificial grass on top of the existing lawn?

    No. All existing grass needs to be removed from your existing lawn before your artificial grass is placed onto the ground.

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    Do I have to prepare the ground in any way beforehand?

    No, you do not need to prepare the ground beforehand, we will do all the preparation and groundwork for you. We remove the existing turf along with any lumps and stones embedded in the mud below. The soil is then flattened and weed killer sprayed on the surface before a layer of geo-textile weed barrier is placed on top of the surface. Finally, a layer of coarse sand is evenly spread along the geotex membrane and compacted down to make a firm surface. The Greener Grass® is then laid by hand.

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    How does artificial grass stay in place?

    A large, thick strip of high quality outdoor tape needs to be placed along the point where the edge of the grass strip will fall. It is placed sticky-side down to keep it in place and then the top of the tape is covered with strong industry outdoor glue. Finally, the turf is pressed down firmly, making it stick to the ground.

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    What is the grass like to walk on?

    The longer it is, the more “lifelike” the grass feels. However, at any length, it is designed not to irritate the skin and so it feels perfectly pleasant and is safe even for pets and children.

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    Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

    Everest Greener Grass® is a soft, non-abrasive surface which means it’s completely safe for children and animals. It won't stain clothes and contains no mud so children and pets can play outside all year round without getting muddy or bringing dirt into the house.

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    How long does artificial grass last?

    We offer a full 10-year guarantee on the artificial grass and a 1-year guarantee on the installation, saving a vast amount of time and money on maintaining real grass and giving you peace of mind for many years to come.

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    Can I customise the look of my artificial grass?

    Whatever the shape of your existing lawn, or the intentions towards lawns you wish to create, Everest Greener Grass® can be tailored to your garden’s exact requirements.

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    Is Everest Greener Grass® safe?

    Yes. 100%! Our Greener Grass® is a soft, non-abrasive surface containing no mud like traditional grass which means it’s completely safe for children and animals. It also means rainy days are still playing out days without the worry of children’s clothes getting dirty or mud being traipsed through your home.

Long-Lasting Artificial Grass, Guaranteed

  • 10 year guarantee covers any material defects in the artificial grass
  • 1 year guarantee covers the materials and workmanship of the installation


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