Everest Driveways

The Foundations Of A Stylish Home

  • Built on solid foundations
  • Responsible drainage facilities
  • Stunning patterns & colours
  • Optional kerbs, edging & steps

Stunning Driveways Designed, Supplied & Fitted

A bespoke Everest driveway will provide the perfect entrance to your property for years to come. All our driveways are built to last on solid foundations, with efficient drainage integral to the design and build. Everest driveway blocks contain colour pigment throughout, so your driveway will stay looking great for longer. We also provide a range of pattern, block and kerbing options, meaning your property will look as individual on the outside as it does inside.

Everest driveway

Why Choose An Everest Driveway

Solid Foundations & Effective Drainage

At Everest, we dig deep and solid foundations to ensure your new driveway will not shift over time or allow weeds to work their way to the surface. Our driveways are innovatively designed with efficient and responsible drainage.

A Range Of Block Patterns, Colours & Finishing Touches

We offer three block styles, rustic, contemporary and icon, in both 60mm and 80mm blocks so you can choose the style best suited to the property. Whether you want a traditional driveway or something more contemporary, we offer a vast array of stunning patterns and long-lasting colour options from which you can choose to best enhance the features of your home. To add an even more personal touch, choose from a number of kerb, edge and step options to make a real feature of your driveway, and provide the additional finishing touches.

Everest driveway
Everest driveway.

Simple & Professional Installation

Our expert teams provide top-quality workmanship to fit your designs into any space. Although all Everest driveways are bespoke, we aim to minimise disruption when it comes to installation and once the complete, your driveway is ready to use straight away. On average our driveways take up to a week to fully install, dependent on weather conditions and size.

Commonly Asked Driveway Questions

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    How long does it take to install a driveway?

    Depending on how vast the area is, most driveways can be installed between 3-5 days. It is worth noting that the weather can also be a factor though, and cold, wet conditions can mean a large driveway can take anything from 5-10 days to complete.

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    Will all the debris be taken away?

    When our installers fit an Everest Driveway, they always tidy up after themselves and never leave a property worse than when they found it.

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    What is the best material to use for a driveway?

    It depends on a number of factors, such as how often it will be used, how heavy the load is that will frequently be travelling across it and also how much or little maintenance you are prepared to give your driveway.

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    How long do we have to stay off the driveway after installation?

    It depends on the material used, but with concrete block paving the driveway can be used straight away after the installation has been completed. There is no need to wait.

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    How do we gain access to the house whilst the driveway is being installed?

    There is normally more than one way into your home, so planning to enter via another entrance shouldn’t cause too much of a problem. However, if needed, your installers will be able to create a narrow walkway that they won’t lay any blocks on until the last possible moment should there be no other entry points into your home.

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    Can I customise the look of my driveway?

    Absolutely! We know you care about the aesthetics of your home and so we have created a wide variety of styles, patterns and colours for you to choose from.

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    How can I be sure Everest Driveway will stand the test of time?

    As with all our products, we are so certain of their quality that we offer a 10-year guarantee on material defect in the concrete block paving and a 5-year guarantee covering installation, allowing you to trust in the product like we do.

Driveways, Built To Last & Guaranteed

  • 10 year guarantee covers any material defect in the concrete block paving
  • 5 year guarantee covers the materials and workmanship of the installation


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