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The best window dressing ideas for your home

The best window dressing ideas for your home


Date: 26/09/2014

Installing great windows into any building is a smart move. A good Everest double or tripled glazed window can decrease the noise levels that come into your home whilst also ensuring the heat stays in, therefore saving you money on heating bills. Aside from that, there are now many benefits in terms of security, but although modern windows can be stylish within themselves, sometimes the area around the window can appear rather sparse.

There are many accessories that can be added, so take a moment to consider what window dressings can turn your windows into even more of a talking point.

Conservatory blinds

Proof that you can never have too much of a good thing comes by using multiple Pleated blinds in both your windows and roof. In terms of practicality, it allows for varying degrees of light and shade depending on what mood you wish to set and in terms of style, it really does offer something of a striking look.

Our favourite conservatory blinds are the Duette® energy saving option, but you can also choose from: Pleated window and roof blinds, remote control blinds and metal venetians and, if you really want to transform your windows, take a look at conservatory shutters.

Window shutters

Shutters can provide a truly beautiful feature in any room and our favourite style is the Café Shutter variety. Why? Because they can be used to make seemly dead space suddenly appear interesting, turning areas of the home that are perhaps quite small and pokey into real focal points and also giving you more control over the natural light flow coming into your home.

Other variations of shutter include: Bay Window, Classic, Guide & Glide, LifeTime Vinyl, Shaped and Tier-on-Tier. For the ultimate complement to your décor you could also choose to have them colour matched to a colour of your choice.

Venetian blinds

When it comes to your window dressings, no look is more defined than the venetian blind. They create a look so striking that it was embraced by filmmakers in the 1940’s and have been synonymous with the genre ever since. Over the years, these blinds have diversified, now offering more traditional wooden options as well as contemporary metal designs.

Pleated Window Blinds

For a more casual look, Pleated Window Blinds offer a great choice. Although they are available in classic, earthy styles and colours, we believe they are best when used in bright and vibrant colours that help make a statement in the room.

Bay Window Blinds

By their very nature, the size and shape of many bay windows can make them notoriously difficult to dress, but when a design fits snugly into the space then suddenly, the windows can become a real focal point of style, adding a great deal of character to the room. At Everest, we are a big fan of BayLine Blinds.

Got any favourites that are not in our list? Taken any pictures of bespoke designs you’d like to share? Please send them across via our Facebook and Twitter pages.


* Article imagery courtesy of Thomas Sanderson, who are currently offering £250 vouchers to all new customers.