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How to choose the perfect window

How to choose the perfect window

For those of you preparing to buy your first window, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a straightforward process. However, windows can be incredibly complicated. What’s more, if you get your decision right then your windows will last for decades, saving you a great deal of time and money in the long run.

This all begs the obvious question: “What makes a great window?”

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our list of the top 10 benefits every great window should offer.

Your window should:

1. Be easy going

No matter how great your windows look, they'll soon lose their charm if you need to spend countless hours maintaining the appearance.

2. Let there be light

The level of natural brightness in our surroundings has been scientifically proven to enhance our moods, so make sure the window gives your home a healthy injection of light.

3. Look the part

If your windows look great but the home doesn’t match, or if the home is fantastic but the windows aren't up to scratch, you have a major aesthetic problem. Therefore, make sure you opt for windows that actually suit your home.

4. Be secure

Remember, the main benefits of your window are earned through its functionality, not through the way it looks, so going for something that has an abundance of style over substance is fairly counter-productive. Make sure the window is secure with multi-point locking mechanisms. One desirable extra is glass that can’t be removed from outside of the home.

5. Be energy efficient

British standards include energy ratings, which indicate how effective the window is and therefore how useful they are towards reducing energy bills. You really want a window that has an A+ WER Rating, with A+12 proving real value for double glazing and Everest’s Triple Glazing receiving an unprecedented A+21.

6. Fit perfectly

Bespoke windows are made-to-measure, meaning they fit perfectly into the aperture of your home. That means the window is airtight and will not let hot air disappear outside, allowing you to hold back on artificial heating.

7. Keep out draughts

As well as the way the window is fitted, the type of glazing you decide to install will have a huge bearing on how effective your windows are at keeping draughts outside. Double and triple glazing both have Argon glass inserted between the window panes to act as a barrier for cold air, keeping your home warm and cosy.

8. Reduce noise pollution

This is again achieved by the combination of how well the window is fitted and what glazing options you choose. Make sure you ask the right questions about how much sound can be expected to be blocked out of your home. It can make an extraordinary difference to how relaxing the atmosphere can be.

9. Not move or rattle when the wind blows

With a well designed made-to-measure window, neither the glass nor the frame will shake or rattle. Modern designs are tested in extreme conditions so that this irritation becomes a thing of the past.

10. Offer long lasting guarantees

If you’re going to pay good money, you must make sure you receive suitable cover. Many window companies will talk about the guarantees they offer on the windows, but asks some questions to make sure you’re covered on the materials and seals, too, and make sure you’re happy with the number of years the cover runs.

There are many industry renowned federations and bodies who take great efforts to ensure that good window companies are easily identified. The main ones to look out for are GGF, BFRC, FENSA, Conservatory Association, TGO and BBA. Click the links to read more about each accreditation.

If you'd like to read about windows in greater detail, take a look at our Windows Buying Guide.

'How to choose the perfect window'

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