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How to choose the perfect window

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You could be forgiven for thinking that plonking a piece of glass into an open space makes for a suitable window, but there are many considerations that you should make before choosing which windows to buy.

As there is a lot more to modern windows than people generally think, we thought it would be a good idea to outline the points that really matter to help you along your way.

1. It is easy to maintain and clean

The glass may be efficient, but that won’t help visitors’ perceptions if the material of the frame becomes grubby and is difficult to clean. Make sure that the frame, as well as the glass, won’t take too long to look after or else, in the long run, it may be difficult to keep it looking as good as when it was first installed.

2. It lets in the right amount of light

A bright home can have a great influence on how each room looks and, subsequently, the mood and atmosphere within the home. Therefore, you should make sure the windows are designed to optimise the use of external light. Likewise, if you're designing a study and you'd like the light to be dimmer, make sure your windows accommodate your needs. 

3. It looks good and matches your home

It's a given that you want your home to look good, but as much as you might fall in love with a particular material or design, it's equally important to ensure it actually goes with the aesthetics of your home. Otherwise, it will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

4. It is highly secure with superior locks and mechanisms

Windows that look great will always be enjoyed by visitors, but style should never be prioritised over substance and it's very important that your windows offer security benefits for your home. The more locking points there are, the more secure it is, and it's recommended you have at least 5 multi-locking points on your windows. For even more security, opt for security glass as it simply can’t be broken, and there are special glazing options that mean the window pane can’t be removed from the outside of the home.

5. It has a high energy rating to reduce energy bills

To help make good windows easier to identify, there is something called a WER Rating, which grades windows from A-E (A being the highest), with an additional number being awarded to windows that are graded higher than an A. At present, Everest provide windows that are by far the most efficient on the market, with an unprecedented A+21 Rating being awarded to their triple glazed windows.

6. It is designed specifically for your home

Everything about the concept of an “off-the-shelf” window is wrong because if the window is not made-to-measure, there will be large gaps between the window frame and the brickwork of your home. Those gaps have to be filled with products that are inferior in strength and effectiveness compared to the brickwork and the window frame itself, meaning it's more likely to leak air through small gaps and also be easier to target and dislodge from potential intruders. Finally, a perfect fit will also stop your window from moving and rattling when the wind blows.

7. It keeps out draughts

For the same reasons as above, it is vital that your window doesn’t leak air as you will end up paying more to heat your home whilst warm air continues to seep outside, with cold air creeping in, leading to many long-term problems such as damp and mould, etc. To avoid this, make sure your window is expertly fitted, using quality materials.

8. It reduces noise pollution

Double and triple glazing helps not only keep your home warmer but it blocks out unwanted sound due to the layers of Argon gas filled between the glass panes. Argon is denser than air, meaning it can block it out by acting as an invisible shield. Noise pollution can seriously disrupt the enjoyment one feels at home, so the importance of this is not to be overlooked.

9. It is guaranteed for the long term

Before saying “yes” to a window, make sure you're happy with the length of the guarantees, and also find out exactly what the guarantee covers. It should offer cover on all areas of the window and not just the glazing.

If you’d like to learn more about windows before calling out a consultant, take a look at the Everest Windows Buying Guide.

'How to choose the perfect window'

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