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The benefits of secondary glazing

Everest secondary glazing window in white

Secondary glazing is not as eye-catching as many of our products. Of course, that’s part of the point of it – it’s meant to be unobtrusive. But that doesn’t make it any less effective at keeping homes warmer, quieter and more secure. We have put together a list of the benefits of secondary glazing to help you make the right choice for your home.

The Benefits of secondary glazing

1. Comprehensive and bespoke

It includes both hinged and sliding window design and comes in a choice of brown or white, so suitable for all styles and properties. Like all Everest products, it’s made-to-measure for a perfect fit.

2. More warmth

The air gap between the primary and secondary windows provides excellent thermal and noise reduction, while double weather seals helps stop draughts.

3. Extra security

Sliding secondary windows are fitted with sprung catch locks that fasten automatically as the window is closed. Hinged secondary windows are fitted with lockable handles and security bolts. There’s also the option of 6.4mm laminated glass to provide additional security and sound insulation.

4. Low maintenance

The timber sub frame is covered with uPVC trim so no need for painting. All panels can be removed from the frame for easy cleaning. Check out our windows care guide to keep your windows looking as good as new.

5. Minimal disruption

Thanks to our long experience, precise measuring and trained fitters, it’s quick and easy to install. How long will it take?

6. Unobtrusive

Hardly visible from the outside, it enables customers to keep the traditional look and feel of their heritage windows with added warmth and security.

No wonder many customers, particularly those living in conservation areas or listed properties, find our secondary glazing invaluable, particularly in terms of heat retention and noise exclusion, as well as aesthetics. As you can see from this typical customer experience.

Secondary glazing success story

Brian Herbert lives in Barnes, a leafy conservation area in south-west London. Quite a few aeroplanes fly over Mr Herbert’s home, but he’s used to the noise from them.  However, his house is close to a pond on Barnes Common, on and around which reside a large number of geese.  And they make a noise. A lot of noise. So he called us in to do a spot of soundproofing. His house has beautiful original lead-lined windows, which could not be replaced even if he wanted them to be. Therefore, it had to be secondary glazing.

“I went straight to Everest,” he told us. “Didn’t even get a quote from anyone else. Everest know what they’re doing, but then they’ve been doing it for donkey’s years. 

“I was a little surprised when just one guy turned up for the installation, but it was obvious that he knew his stuff. “The results were perfect. You can’t see the secondary glazing from the outside at all, which is the whole point of it. Even from the inside you have to look carefully. The improvement in terms of excluding draughts and retaining heat is fantastic. Best of all, I can’t hear those geese!” In fact, Mr Herbert was so pleased that he also got Everest to do the windows on his extension. While this was brand new, it still had to match the look of the original house.

“That was perfect as well. They got all the finer points right. It doesn’t actually look like a new extension – the conservation people have been round to check and they’re very happy with it.”

So if you come across someone who thinks that Everest has nothing to offer them when it comes to windows, it’s worth pointing out how quick and easy it is to get secondary glazing installed, and the difference it can make in terms of heat retention and draught exclusion. And especially noise reduction, whether from planes, trains, traffic or even geese.

Find out more about our secondary glazing here.

'The benefits of secondary glazing'

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