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Why can't I get an online cost for my door

Why can't I get an online cost for my door


Date: 14/09/2015

If you're able to get an up-front price for your door then it means it hasn’t been built specifically for your door opening. Subsequently, it's incredibly unlikely it will be a perfect fit, which means there will be large sections of filling and padding placed between your new door and the door frame.

In this scenario, your door will not perform effectively and will lack the security, energy efficiency and, very possibly, the visual excellence of a bespoke door.

In modern times, many people are nervous about inviting a stranger to their home because they've heard stories that throw the credibility of sales people into doubt. Popular concerns are that the salesperson will use underarm sales tactics or outstay their welcome in their attempts to get a sale.

Everest has gone to great efforts to ensure all of their expert consultants are fully trained, so they can not only advise on the best products for your home but also take pride in caring for the customer’s needs.

Companies who give quotes online or over the phone are simply offering inferior products. Likewise, when buying a door off the shelf, you are restricted by the manufacture sizes, regardless of your individual door openings. 

Only by visiting your home can a person focus entirely on what type of door will offer you quality and suitability, but by finding a reputable specialist company that offers a free, no-obligation consultation, what do you have to lose?