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Why should you consider a black front door?

Why should you consider a black front door?

We have noticed an increase in the number of people asking about black front doors and whether it's right for their home. Choosing the right front door can be a daunting process, from material, style, the various furniture options to choose from and colour. Making the right decision can be difficult. One of our most frequently asked questions is 'What colour should I choose for my new front door?

It's always a difficult question to answer. The colour of your new front door will be dependent on many factors from the material you choose, style of your property and the colour of the properties other features. Some colours may look better on a composite front door than a uPVC front door and matching your new front door to the style of your home is crucial. At Everest, we can match the colour of your front door to the colour of your windows.

Black front doors offer a sophisticated and timeless appeal to a home. But are they worth considering for your new front door? In this blog, we explore the popularity of black doors, including some of the most recognisable black doors, the materials available to you (uPVC, composite, aluminium and timber) and why a new black front door may be right for your home.

Black front doors popularity

Black front doors are immensely popular. Ideal Home research showed black front doors ranked 4th on their list of the most popular colours. This is also supported by our research at Everest which shows black front doors to be the third most popular in our Everest Composite front door range.

Everest black composite entrance door with matching black garage door

Black doors on listed buildings

Black doors are popular on Georgian townhouses as they offer a traditional and timeless look. However, listed buildings often have strict codes on which colours can be used. A bright colour on a listed building could be visually detracting from the aesthetic and take away from the character of the building so choosing a front door colour can be difficult.

Choosing a variation of the same colour wouldn't usually require consent but it is often worth speaking to a professional before a change is made. The material is also important to consider, on many listed buildings you will need to choose a timber front door as composite, uPVC and aluminium could change the aesthetic of the building which in many cases wouldn't be approved.

Everest composite black front door with chrome modern handle and letterbox

Famous black doors

10 Downing Street

One of the best known black doors worldwide has to be 10 Downing Street. The black bricks and black front door are an iconic image that has been seen by billions, but did you know that it hasn't always been this way? Number 10's door was actually once green! It was painted green during Herbert Henry Asquith's time at number 10 but returned to black when his party went out of power.

In fact, even the famous black walls haven't always been black. In the 1960's renovators discovered that the black bricks at 10 Downing street were actually yellow but appeared black due to heavy pollution through the centuries. After the bricks were cleaned and painstakingly restored they were then repainted black to match the previous colour.

The black front door at 10 Downing street is also coated in a high-gloss paint to keep it shiny all year round and keep it looking its best for the cameras. The door features some very specific details including a black iron knocker in the shape of a lion's head, the zero in the number 10 is painted at a 37-degree angle and the door cannot be opened from the outside so there is always someone positioned on the inside ready to open it.

Interestingly, the letterbox doesn't open as it is a replica of the original letterbox which was destroyed in 1991.

10 Downing Street

221B Baker Street

221B Baker Street is the fictional home of detective Sherlock Holmes. The property is now the Sherlock Holmes museum, with a blue plaque which reads 'Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective – 1881-1904'. The museum has a green exterior and a black front door which looks elegant in the surroundings of Baker Street. This adds to the saying that black really does go with anything!

221B Baker Street

Did you know?

Black is associated with elegance and power and denotes strength and authority.

Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey door is also black and dates back to around 1050. The Oxford Dendrochronology 'tree-ageing' Laboratory worked out the age of the wooden door by drilling a small hole to look at the rings of the timber which meant they could work out the age of the door by looking at the number of rings. The wooden door looks slightly worn (not surprising, it is nearly 1,000 years old!) which adds to the appeal of Westminster Abbey and the door really is a piece of history itself.

Westminster Abbey

Of course, it now looks incredibly battered and worn and doesn't fit perfectly. But it isn't kept behind a glass case and we are not going to replace it with a door made of plywood or plastic. Why should we? It has done its job for nearly a thousand years, and it certainly isn't worn out yet.

Why choose a black front door?

Black front doors can have a smart contemporary feel and will suit most properties. A black front door will also complement your homes other features such as windows and brickwork. If you have white windows a black front door will stand out, grey windows and a black front door will make your home look stylish and contemporary. Black front doors also look beautiful with glass windows which let in natural light and chrome or gold furniture really stands out!

Black front doors also look beautiful in all materials whether you choose uPVC, composite, aluminium or timber. Composite entrance doors are also available in a range of styles including traditional composite, contemporary composite and cottage composite to fit the style of your property. A black timber door looks great on a traditional property, whilst a black aluminium door looks amazing on a contemporary property.

Everest black composite front door with chrome modern handle and a large glass rectangle insert

Black is also easy to maintain and won't show marks as much as a white or grey door, combine this with an easy to maintain uPVC and you will have a front door you can be proud of all year round. Everest uPVC front doors are also available in two-tone colours so you can have one colour on the inside and another on the outside which helps complement both the interior and exterior of your home. Why not view our range of uPVC front doors for ideas and inspiration.

Close up of a chrome modern handle on an Everest black composite entrance door

Your choice of materials for your front door?

If the range of colours wasn't confusing enough you also need to consider material. At Everest, we offer uPVCcompositetimber and aluminium exterior doors which are all available in a range of colours. The colour you choose may have an impact on the material available to you so looking at material first may be a good place to start.

Our uPVC front doors and composite front doors can have a white and black wood grain or Everest composite doors are available in jet black for a stylish feel. Finally, our aluminium front doors can have a black semi-gloss to give it a shine. We use different styles and finishes depending on the material to best complement the door you choose. Black looks elegant and stylish on all door materials, so why not explore our range of uPVC, aluminium, timber and black composite doors and see which suits you?

Why not check out the other blog post in our colour series Why choose grey uPVC windows?

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'Why should you consider a black front door?'

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