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Our conservatories offer the following benefits

  • Better all year round

    An Everest Conservatory is built to be an integral part of your home that can be used all year round. Our technology works to help keep it cool on hot days and warm during the cooler months so however you choose to use it, you have a space that’s always comfortable. 

    For the warmer spells we’ll design the right ventilation to suit your conservatory and location. We install a single roof vent as standard and, when we see your home’s exposure to sun, we might suggest more. 

    We fit our conservatories with glass that incorporates the latest technology to keep you feeling cooler in summer, yet warmer in winter. All the inner panes are made from Low-E glass that is specially coated to reflect heat back into the room. This alone insulates over four times better than ordinary single glazing and over twice as well as ordinary domestic double glazing.

    Then to keep the whole space comfortable, we ensure the heat is evenly spread by leaving a 20mm air gap between the two panes of glass in our double-glazed sealed units. We also fill the gap between panes with an argon gas which conducts less between the sheets of glass. 

    We also double-draught-proof our opening units and the base and walls are fully insulated so the cold stays out and the warm stays in. So not only will you feel as comfortable, you can make savings on your heating bills too by preserving your valuable during the colder months. 

  • Security

    When it comes to security, Everest’s standards are so far ahead, we actually helped the British Standards Institute (BSI) develop the criteria for a new security 'kitemark'. And we've even improved some of our uPVC conservatory windows so much that they are twice as good as BSI kitemark standards.

    We work with crime prevention organisations to study intruders and how to stop them. Only then do we design and build more security into our products, such as our glazing beads on the inside of our sealed units. Many conservatory manufacturers don’t apply this method, but without them, thieves could prise their way in within moments. 

    Because we put security first, our multi-point locking systems, key-locking handles, hook-bolts and window hinge-side security devices are standard. All our conservatories also incorporate a unique reinforced wall frame design to provide unrivalled levels of security.

    We install toughened glass as standard on all our conservatories too for added peace of mind. And in the unlikely event that your window receives a particularly hard impact, the glass will break into small pieces which are safer than larger shards of glass.

  • Virtually maintenance free

    At Everest, we understand a conservatory is one of the biggest investments you can make for your home. That's why we design and build ours to last, with minimum maintenance and care needed. After all, a conservatory is a place to relax and entertain rather than clean and tidy.

    All Everest Conservatories are made with materials which need little or no maintenance. Our uPVC frames never rot, rust, flake or peel, and you never have to sand or repaint them. All they need is wash with soap and water every so often to get rid of everyday dirt.

    Aluminium also needs virtually no maintenance. It’s extremely tough and hardwearing, and its finishes, which are guaranteed for 25 years, stay bright with only the occasional wipe clean.

    Even our elegant timber conservatoires are made with hardwood that stands up to British weather and is highly resistant to rot and fungus. 

    And our optional self-cleaning glass reacts with the sun’s ultraviolet rays to disintegrate ‘organic dirt’, reducing the need for cleaning.

  • Foundations

    A conservatory is only as strong as its foundations and whatever your ground conditions are, we have a solution. We dig up to a metre deep to ensure maximum strength and reinforce the base with steel and insulate it fully.

    • Foundations at least 450mm wide, up to 1000mm deep
    • Packed hardcore 150mm deep
    • Sand bed
    • Damp-proof membrane
    • Floor insulation 70mm to 100mm thick
    • Steel reinforced concrete slab
    • Smooth screed floor
    • 300mm cavity wall
    • Wall insulation 75mm
  • Guarantees

    We know that making the decision to invest in an Everest Conservatory isn’t something that’s taken lightly. That's why we implement decades of knowledge and expertise into all of our designs - so you can be totally confident in the products and service we provide.

    We offer long-term guarantees that many of our competitors can’t even come close to matching. Our industry leading guarantees include:

    • Lifetime guarantee against fogging between the panes of double-glazed sealed units in our uPVC casement windows
    • 25-year guarantee on the profile and colour of our aluminium conservatories
    • 10-year comprehensive guarantee on all materials and workmanship.
    • 2-year guarantee on both stained and painted finishes on our timber conservatories and orangeries

    Our guarantees are valid across all structures, so if you choose a conservatory, orangery, glass extension or a tiled roof extension, you will always have peace of mind in your purchase. Here is how our guarantees compare based on the material you choose for your conservatory:





    Materials & workmanship

    10 years

    10 years

    10 years

    Fog and condemnsation between the window panes



    10 years

    Roof guarantee

    10 years

    10 years

    10 years

    Window discolouration guarantee (white only)




    Paint guarantee


    25 years

    2 years

    Rot/ fungus guarantee



    10 years

  • Planning permission

    When undertaking any building works to your home, is it often the case that planning permission is required. With an Everest Conservatory, you can rest easy as we undertake all planning applications on your behalf. 

    Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent

    Planning permission is required by U.K. law in order to allow you to build on, or change the use of land or buildings. Everest will assess your specific conservatory design and its location against current planning policies and guidelines to establish if planning, listed building or conservation consent is required from your local council. Where approval for the proposed structure is required, full plans will be prepared, submitted and administrated with your local authority by Everest in order to acquire planning consent for your conservatory project.

    Building Regulations

    Building Regulations are made under powers provided in the Building Act 1984 and set standards in construction for the health and safety of buildings and its users. Complying with Building Regulations is a separate matter to planning permission, the majority of conservatories in England and Wales are exempt from actually needing an application. However, in the circumstances that necessitates an application Everest will prepare full working drawings (including full structural and heat-loss calculations where necessary) and submit these for approval. We will then notify the local authority at key stages of the installation so the building control officer can make their inspections to ensure the work is completed to their full satisfaction.

    Scottish Building Warrant Approval

    In Scotland ALL conservatories above 8 metres squared floor area will require Building Warrant approval. Much the same as building regulations noted above, Everest will submit plans for approval and arrange for the building control officer to inspect the work at key stages to ensure the work is completed to their full satisfaction.

    Water Board Authority Approval

    Where the proposed conservatory is to be installed over or within 3.0m of a public sewer Everest will seek the permission of the relevant water board authority to gain their consent. Once we have their permission and any recommendations on the construction of the foundations of the proposed base, we will then apply for building regulations as the local building control officer will have to inspect the construction over the sewer.

    Covenant or Management Estate Approval

    Some properties have restrictive covenants attached to their property which are private agreements between land owners that restrict the way land may be used and developed. Other properties may need to have an agreement from their property management services before installing a conservatory. Everest will help determine if any such approval is required for your property and if so will then make the necessary applications to gain these consents for the proposed conservatory.

    Party Wall Approval

    In some situations a party wall agreement will be required for the proposed conservatory. This is an agreement between two parties regarding the construction on a boundary separating the two properties. In these circumstances Everest will help obtain this approval.

    Our Service

    It is essential all approvals are sought prior to work commencing to ensure that the conservatory constructed meets with all necessary regulation and local authority approvals. If these are not sought the consequences could be disastrous with the structure potentially having to be taken down and the house returned to its original condition. Not gaining Listed Building consent is in fact a criminal offence! It is therefore really important that Everest ensure that all these approvals are in place before work commences giving you the peace of mind when purchasing your conservatory.

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All our products are bespoke, so to provide an accurate quote an appointment is required. Simply fill in the form below and let us know a time that suits you. Partial or full completion of the form will stimulate a follow up to confirm the appointment.

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