Black front doors

An Everest black front door

Black front Doors

Modern or traditional, black is a stylish classic

  • Made-to-measure for a perfect fit
  • Extensive range of colour, style & furniture
  • Composite, aluminium, timber or uPVC
  • Built to last with long-lasting guarantees

Black Front Door Choice of Materials

An Everest black composite entrance door

Composite doors →

  • Natural-looking woodgrain
  • Bespoke traditional & contemporary
  • Our most popular choice

An Everest black uPVC entrance door

uPVC doors →

  • Practical & stylish
  • Wide range of colours & woodgrain finishes
  • Easy to maintain

An Everest black aluminium entrance door

Aluminium doors →

  • Ideal for contemporary properties
  • Naturally strong & durable
  • Easy to maintain

Why choose a black front door?

Black as a colour represents authority, power and strength. For that reason, many old establishments choose this colour for their door – think No.10 Downing Street or Westminster Abbey.

This traditional colour is perfect for townhouses and period Georgian properties that look sophisticated and elegant with a classic black front door.

Modern and contemporary properties also look stunning with a black front door and most houses can carry the colour. The only houses we wouldn’t recommend are coastal properties that suit sea blues, greens and pastel shades.

It’s also worth considering that the colour of your front door leaves a lasting first impression and can influence a potential buyer. If you are considering selling your home, we advise sticking to classic colours such as black.

Black front door designs

A selection of our most popular black front door styles.

Black composite front door
Longthorpe 2

70mm Composite

Black composite front door
Rowton 2

70mm Composite

Black composite front door

70mm Composite

Black composite front door
Dunluce 1

70mm Composite

Black composite front door

70mm Composite

Black composite front door

70mm Composite

Black composite front door
Chester 2

70mm Composite

Black composite front door
Chester 3

70mm Composite

Black composite front door

70mm Composite

Black composite front door

70mm Composite

High-quality Doors, guaranteed

  • 10 year guarantee on door including handles, locking & installation
  • 10 year guarantee against fog & condensation between panes
  • Low maintenance GRP will never rot, rust or flake


A black composite front door

Black front door ideas

A selection of black front doors to give you inspiration and ideas for your home.

Case Study

Front Composite Door

5 star rating 5 out of 5 on TrustPilot

Having lived with our Everest products for a while, we feel they are they are definitely stronger, more durable and of a far superior quality compared to other home improvements companies. Mr & Mrs K, Suffolk


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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What does a front black door mean?

    A black front door signifies authority, strength and power and for this reason is very popular in city properties. In traditional Feng Shui, the front door is the main portal for energy to flow into the home. A black front door signifies protection and a north-facing black door offers a protective shield to your home. However, south or west facing front doors are best to avoid a black front door as it can invite bad luck.

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    Does a black front door increase home value?

    Your front door is the first experience of your home that a visitor has and it sets a standard of what they can expect to find inside. First impressions really do count.

    According to an expert estate agent's advice, the colour of your front door can have a huge impact on the sale.

    The best colour front door to sell your home is a classic colour that's in keeping with the style and location. Black, greys, blues, deep reds, natural woods and classic greens are all safe options you should opt for.

    Therefore, a black front door could potentially add value to your home as it makes your home more appealing to a buyer.

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    Do I need planning permission to change my front door?

    You can change the front door of your property without needing planning approval. However, it is always advisable to speak to your local authority, as there may be conditions attached to previous permissions or covenants covering what you can and cannot do.

    Read more: Do you need planning permission for doors...

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