Red front doors

An Everest red front door

Red front doors

Make a statement with a classic red door

  • Made-to-measure for a perfect fit
  • Extensive range of colour, style & furniture
  • Red available in composite and timber doors
  • Built to last with long-lasting guarantees

Red Front Door Choice of Materials

An Everest red composite entrance door

Composite doors →

  • Natural-looking woodgrain
  • Bespoke traditional & contemporary
  • Our most popular choice

An Everest red timber entrance door

Timber doors →

  • Ideal for contemporary properties
  • Naturally strong & durable
  • Easy to maintain

Why choose a red front door?

Red is a confident and striking colour, but also a timeless classic especially for period properties and Georgian townhouses.

Red attracts attention and symbolises strength and power. In Chinese culture, red symbolises joy and good fortune.

In Feng Shui, red doors are a symbol of welcoming energies and good luck and a great colour to paint your front door. However, if you have a north or northwest facing door, you should avoid red as it causes a conflict of fire and metal elements.

A classic red front door suits Georgian period properties as it balances the pale stone. Red also works on traditional properties and new suburban builds. Some contemporary style houses could also suit red as a statement.

Although there are still differences between stories, most cultures see red as a positive colour for a front door.

Red front door designs

A selection of our most popular red front door styles.

Alderley red composite front door

44mm Composite

Download tech sheet ›

Berlin red composite front door

70mm Composite

Download tech sheet ›

Burlington red composite front door

44mm Composite

Download tech sheet ›

Geneva red composite front door

70mm Composite

Download tech sheet ›

Gothenburg red composite front door

70mm Composite

Download tech sheet ›

Greenwich red composite front door

70mm Composite

Download tech sheet ›

Kensington red composite front door

70mm Composite

Download tech sheet ›

Munich red composite front door

70mm Composite

Download tech sheet ›

Oslo red composite front door

70mm Composite

Download tech sheet ›

Valencia red composite front door

70mm Composite

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High-quality Doors, guaranteed

  • 10 year guarantee on door including handles, locking & installation
  • 10 year guarantee against fog & condensation between panes
  • Low maintenance GRP will never rot, rust or flake


A red front door

Red front door ideas

A selection of red front doors to give you inspiration and ideas for your home.


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    What does a red front door mean?

    In colour psychology, red means strength and power. In Chinese culture, red symbolises joy and good fortune.

    There is also an unverified urban myth that in Scotland a red door is supposed to symbolise that the house doesn’t have a mortgage.

    Across all cultures, red is considered to be a positive, colour that represents strength.

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    Does a new front door increase home value?

    Your front door is the first experience of your home that a visitor has and it sets a standard of what they can expect to find inside. First impressions really do count.

    According to an expert estate agent's advice, the colour of your front door can have a huge impact on the sale.

    The best colour front door to sell your home is a classic colour that's in keeping with the style and location. Black, greys, blues, deep reds, natural woods and classic greens are all safe options you should opt for.

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    Do I need planning permission to change my front door?

    You don’t need planning permission to change your front door if you are not making any significant changes to the size of the door.

    However, there may be local restrictions or covenants attached to your property so always check with your solicitor and local authority.

    Read more: Do you need planning permission for doors?

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