Acoustic Glass

Everest's acoustic windows range

  • Takes soundproofing to a new level
  • Keeps unwanted noise pollution outside
  • Reduces sound by up to 40dB
  • Awarded Quiet Mark accreditation
  • Market leading for sound reduction

Keeping unwanted noise where it belongs – outside

With over 95% of us valuing a good night’s sleep, we understand how detrimental outside noise can be to us achieving it. In fact, our independent research in April 2018, revealed that we are kept awake one night a week by noise or disturbances outside our homes. Whether it’s the constant hum of traffic keeping you awake at night or the neighbour’s extra loud band practice spoiling the enjoyment of your favourite TV show, Everest Acoustic double and triple glazing will be music to your ears.

A cosy bedroom which benefits from the soundproofing of acoustic glass
Everest acoustic windows have been approved by the international Quiet Mark award programme

An accreditation that's definitely worth shouting about

Everest is the only home improvement window company whose windows have been approved by the international Quiet Mark award programme. Our excellent quality speaks volumes, but the unique Quiet Mark accreditation on our Acoustic windows, which is only given to companies who are dedicated to noise reduction, is definitely worth shouting about.

Taking soundproofing to a new level

Everest's new laminated Acoustic glass has a special polymer layer sandwiched between the panes of glass, specifically engineered to disrupt and absorb sound waves and reduce noise pollution.

In general, using a combination of laminated glass and different thicknesses of glass reduces vibrations and noise, so less sound travels through the window. In tests, our Acoustic double glazed windows reduce sound by up to 40dB, which would take the loud 80dB noise from road traffic down to a quiet 40dB noise. The equivalent to the sound of someone speaking in a library.

Put another way, noise reduction can also be expressed in terms of distance. Every 3dB reduction in noise doubles the distance. The Everest Double Glazed window reduces sound by 33dB, but the Acoustic option reduces noise by 40dB. This further 7dB means that if a road was 20 metres from your house, with Acoustic glazing it will make the sound appear as if the road is 80 metres away – that’s a whole four times further.

Of course, we have also created our new Acoustic double and triple glazing to be pleasing on the eye, as well as the ear, making the Low E coating super thin. In fact, on 4mm glass it is only 40 microns thick.

Graph to illustrate how you can move the sound of a busy road over four times further away with Acoustic glass
Chart to illustrate how levels of noise can be reduced with Acoustic glass

Acoustic window FAQs

At Everest, we understand that choosing new windows can be a daunting task. So to help you here are some frequently asked questions which you might find useful.

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    What is acoustic glass?
    Acoustic glass is a special glass designed specifically to reduce noise. The glass differs from standard glass by taking 2 panes of 3mm glass and inserting a tiny microscopic 3 ply (PVB) interlayer sandwiched inbetween them. This interlayer has a special noise dampening core which helps to reduce vibration so less sound travels through the window.
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    How does acoustic double glazing work?
    Acoustic double glazing works by using a combination of laminated glass and different thickness of glass to help reduce vibrations and noise, so less sound travels through the window. In tests, Everest Acoustic double glazed windows reduced sound by up to 40dB, which would take a loud 80dB noise from a busy road to a quiet 40dB.
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    Can you soundproof windows?
    Many factors influence sound ingress through a window including the number of panes, how well fitted the frames are, the quality of the seals and if the unit has acoustic glass. It is possible to apply a special film to the window but if the window is ill fitting or draughty you would see more advantage from replacing the windows. Importantly its not just the windows that sound can enter, other entry points include chimneys, ventilation bricks and in old houses the general fabric of the building.
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    What are Glass Options for Windows?
    You may be surprised by the number of glass options for your new windows, and it is important to understand which would be best suited for your requirements. Standard glass is called 'Low E' and is a great all round option for energy efficiency. Low Iron glass offers high clarity and energy efficiency. Toughened glass is five times stronger than regular glass and laminated glass, contains a plastic interlayer offering better insulation and resistance against damage.
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    What is between the glass in double glazing?
    The most effective double glazing contains Argon gas which is an inert dense, non-toxic gas that reduces heat transference from inside to out. Cheaper windows only have air between the panes, and although the gap will make a difference you will see higher heat transfer than if filled with Argon gas.

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