Aluminium Casement Windows

Let the light shine in with aluminium windows

  • Gives a contemporary look
  • Our slimmest frame
  • Modern colour range
  • Strong, durable & secure
  • Long lasting & lifetime guarantee
Everest Aluminium casement window
Everest aluminium casement window
Everest aluminium casement window

Slim frames and more glass for a brighter home

Aluminium windows are made with our slimmest frames, to allow more light to flood into your home. Offering a perfect contemporary style and unique frame design with style grooves, available in a range of contemporary colours to give your home a sophisticated, modern style.


Design your aluminium windows your way

Frame colours

Everest aluminum windows are available in a range of one colour options, with the same tone on the inside and out. You can choose a two colour window, with white on the inside and a different contemporary darks like Grey and Black shade on the exterior.

One colour options:




Battleship Grey

Battleship Grey





Two colour options:
White and black

White + Black

A two colour aluminium window with black outer frame and white inside frame

A view of a two colour window from the outside with window open


Everest aluminium casement windows are fitted with a modern handle design, available in a range of colours.











A white aluminium window with a modern handle

Timber sub-frame

Aluminium windows can be placed within a timber sub-frame by fixing the window into a timber frame before being attached to the reveal. This means sightlines are slightly more restricted, however the slim profile of the aluminium balances this out. The main advantage of the timber sub-frame is that it adds traditional sophisticated aesthetic.

Aluminium casement window in white with a timber sub frame

The benefits of Everest aluminium casement windows

Black slimline aluminium windows give a contemporary feel to your home

Give your home a contemporary feel

Aluminium casement windows are the perfect choice for a contemporary feel. The exquisite slim aluminium frames allow for a wider glass area to let the light flood in. Our aluminium casement windows are also available in a range of stylish colours to complement your home. We also offer a two colour option of black on the outside and white on the inside to give a lighter appearance in the home.

Modern style matched with modern technology

Aluminium looks great but there is a trade off that all metal frames conduct heat or cold. At Everest we have the know how to limit this problem and use all the technology at our disposal to limit heat transfer with our aluminium frames incorporating a polyamide thermal break which blocks cold transfer through the frame. Furthermore, we use advanced argon filled double glazed units for optimum insulation, Low-E glass to reflect heat back into the room and seals that have been independently tested by the BFRC to have 0.00 air leakage.

Slim frame aluminium casement window in black letting in more light
Tall slim aluminium windows letting in lots of light and keeping you safe and secure

Safe and secure

Our aluminium windows offer excellent security features including internal glazing to prevent the removal of glass from the outside, a multi-point locking mechanism and a key lockable handle that locks in a night vent position so a room can be kept ventilated without compromising security. Everest aluminium casement windows adhere to the PAS 24 and BS6375 accreditations for security.

A closer look at aluminium casement windows


    Polyamide thermal break

    Aluminium is a strong conductor of heat which has always been the downfall of aluminium windows as historically, the metal frame forms a cold bridge to conduct the heat from outside in. Everest tackle this issue by insulating our aluminium frames with a polyamide thermal break between the two sections of the frame, which acts to block heat transfer out of your home.


    Chamfered external bead finish

    All Everest aluminium windows come with a slim chamfered external frame finish. This ties in with the sharp modern aesthetic of the aluminium. This along with the two “feature grooves” gives the aluminium a modern aesthetic to the frame.


    Gas between the panes

    We ensure our sealed units are as thermally efficient as possible using a warm-edge spacer, with better insulating properties that those used in most windows and Low-E glass which reflects heat back inside. We also fill the sealed units with Argon gas, which is much denser than air and a better insulator of heat, for better energy efficiency. While others will drill two small holes in their sealed unit and hand pump the argon in, this often allows in air so Everest’s are assembled by robots in rooms filled with argon to avoid this. It also means we never have to drill holes and risk the structural integrity and air tight seal.


    Internal glazing bead

    The glazing bead is what holds the glazing in place, so for security Everest windows are fitted with internal glazing bead which prevents potential unwanted visitors from removing the beading and glass and gaining access to your property. It also means glazing can be fitted from inside, removing the need for it to be carried up ladders or onto scaffolding, making installation much safer.


    Thermal efficiency

    B rated thermal performance
    20mm argon-filled gap between panes
    Low-E glass reflects heat back inside
    Thermal break helps stop heat loss
    Weather tested to exceed BS6375
    Lock is corrosion tested to BS1670
    Double weather-resistant seals

Guaranteed for peace of mind


Everest aluminium casement windows have a range of comprehensive guarantees including a lifetime guarantee against fog and condensation between the panes. Everest also guarantee the window profiles and colour finish for 25 years and the whole window including furniture, gearbox and timber sub-frame for 10 years.

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