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Timber Windows

The Amdega Timber Window Collection

  • Ideal for conservation or listed buildings
  • Choice of casement, sash or dual turn
  • Micro-porous stain and paint finishes
  • FSC certified sustainable wood
  • 30-year guarantee
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The Amdega Collection

Since 1874, Amdega has been producing the finest hand-crafted timber windows, doors and conservatories in the UK. Their quality and craftmanship makes them a perfect fit for us, and why we're proud to announce The Amdega Collection is now exclusively available from Everest.

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Why choose Timber Windows?

Wooden Windows are a wonderful way to maintain the character of your home. Precision-crafted, they combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create a beautiful, strong, secure and energy-efficient window. Sustainably sourced, they are also perfect for conservation areas and listed buildings.

Timber Windows Gallery

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The benefits of Timber Windows

Listed building window frames

Keep the character of your home

We’ve been making uPVC windows for over 30 years but even we admit sometimes only wood will do. Whether it’s the wonderful character, its unique finish or the conservation and listed building friendly designs, we still love the character and quality that comes from a wooden window.

A perfect fit

Our Wooden Windows are made-to-measure to within fractions of a millimetre and our tolerance for gaps is far less than that of other suppliers. A timber trim is then added around the edge of the window for a neater finish. This exact fit doesn’t just make your home more secure, but more energy-efficient. We also use Q-Lon seals which improve weather resistance as the seals always keep a weather tight seal.

Made to measure wooden window frames
Thermally efficient timber windows

A perfect marriage of traditional timber with modern double glazing

Timber is a perfect choice for window frames, its highly thermally efficient and doesn’t conduct heat or cold. Add in Everest know-how of modern double glazing and you will get an A rated double glazed window, offering an optimum 20mm Argon filled air gap and low-e internal glass which reflects heat back into your home for a window with the beauty of wood but the efficiency of uPVC.

Guaranteed for peace of mind

Our Timber Windows are guaranteed against rot and fungus for 30 years. We also provide a 10 year guarantee on the workings of the window and a 5 year guarantee on the finish.

Explore timber windows by style

Casement windows
Timber Casement ❯

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Sash windows
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Dual turn windows
Timber Dual Turn ❯

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Technology meets tradition

Multi-point locking mechanism

Advanced security

Our Wooden Windows build in extra security with a multi-point locking mechanism and glazing beads to prevent removal of the glass panes. Our Timber Casement Windows are so secure they exceed the PAS24 British Security Standard.

Hidden window opening mechanisms

Innovative mechanisms

The opening mechanisms on our Timber Sash Windows are hidden, giving the windows a smooth, tidy appearance whether you select authentic cords and weights, or opt for the modern twist with spiral balances, which ensure the window opens smoothly.

Gold window fittings

Hardware options

We offer a range of modern hardware to match your choice of wooden windows, all available in either gold for a traditional feel or chrome for a more contemporary style.

And that's not the only options we offer

Hardwood Windows

A choice of timber

We offer sustainably sourced softwood (European Redwood) and hardwood (Red Grandis), both of which are accredited by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). Our wood is laminated and engineered for layers to specially bond together adding strength and rigidity. For even further durability our softwood is finger jointed to eradicate knots and resist twisting.

Paint finished timber windows

Stain or paint finishes

We would never claim timber is maintenance free but if wood is the only option or you love the look, we offer impressive stain finishes on all our hardwood window frames which highlight the beauty of the natural grain, and give an authentic look with timeless charm. Alternatively, we offer a great range of paint finishes on our softwood timber providing a more contemporary finish.

uPVC Wood Effect Windows

Why not consider our uPVC wood effect?

Although wood is the perfect material for window frames, even with modern paints and stains it will need maintenance at some point in its lifetime. We offer a range of finishes on our uPVC windows which look as good as wood but have all the low maintenance benefits of uPVC.

View uPVC Windows

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Q: Is timber prone to movement?

Timber’s beauty comes from the fact it is a natural material, and as a natural product some degree of movement in terms of expansion/contraction can be expected. However, with the engineered timber that Everest use, this movement is kept to a minimum.

Q: Do timber windows warp over time?

Low quality timber windows can warp over time, however, Everest wooden windows are laminated and engineered to add strength, eradicate knots and resist twisting.

Q: How often do timber windows need to be redecorated?

We use micro-porous paint and stain finishes on all of our timber products to keep them looking good, however timber products aren’t maintenance free and will require regular maintenance to maintain the performance and look of the product. The regularity of maintenance will depend on the location of your property and where the wooden windows are located on the property.

Our paint finishes will require maintenance every 3 years to 4 years in a moderate climate (non-coastal areas at low altitude) or every 2 to 3 years in extreme climates (coastal areas and high altitude).

Our stain finishes will require maintenance every 2 to 3 years in a moderate climate (non-coastal areas at low altitude) or every 1 to 2 years in extreme climates (coastal areas and high altitude).

Unsheltered windows will require more maintenance than those sheltered or partly sheltered.

We recommend that the surface coating is inspected annually and if required you should re-coat the wood with micro-porous stain or paint.

Q: Is there an alternative to timber windows that provide the traditional look?

Yes, we have uPVC windows that replicate the look of a traditional timber window. This gives a traditional look to your home without the maintenance involved with wooden windows.

Q: How often do timber windows need to be cleaned?

All of our timber frames are made from specifically selected, seasoned wood. Timber has natural properties which help it withstand the elements and in the factory we apply a ‘colour harmonising’ finish containing a preservative. We then apply a micro-porous protective stain or paint finish. However, timber is a natural material so requires regular attention to keep them looking good. You should carry out cleaning regularly, at least twice a year. The factory applied coating systems will give many years of life between repainting cycles and simple steps, such as wiping down the product to remove dirt and insects will help to extend the decorative finish. Washing your windows regularly with soap and water can add years of life to your wooden windows.

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