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Garage Door Benefits

Our garage doors come with the following benefits

  • Visually stunning

    Whether you use your garage as a safe and sheltered place to park your car, store your garden tools or keep fit with your own home gym equipment, we understand that homeowners don’t want to compromise on style or kerb appeal. 

    In fact, garage doors can form a significant part of a visitor’s first impression, which is why we put as much effort into the appearance of your garage door as we do with meeting your expectations for safety, security and durability. 

    Every one pieceside hinged, sectional or roller garage door Everest builds is made exclusively to your requirements. You can choose from steel, timber or aluminium garage doors, in an impressive range of colours and 16 stunning styles and designs. You even have a choice of glazing with our steel and timber one piece options, so you can create a garage door that you can be proud of and that guests can admire. 

    Our steel one piece and steel side hinged doors are available in a range of stylish colours, from mocha brown to turquoise blue, which can be matched to Everest's entrance doors.

    For a more traditional look our timber garage doors are available as one piece or side-hinged options. Made from durable red cedar they are finished in a variety of classic wood grains from light oak to dark walnut.

  • More secure

    We understand a garage can be used for more than just parking your car. Maybe yours is a workshop full of machinery and tools. Perhaps it's a mini gym where you keep expensive exercise equipment, or more like a garden shed packed with mowers, brushes and paint pots. We've even come across a garage that's used as a games room, complete with a deluxe pool table. 

    Whatever your garage is used for, and whether it's attached or separated from your home, you can relax in the knowledge that every Everest garage door is designed to keep your possessions safe and secure. All Everest garage doors have fully integrated locking systems to ensure maximum garage door security, and are fitted with robust galvanised steel frames which offers great peace of mind for those with integral garages offering direct access into your home.

    Steel one piece and timber one piece have four point locking as standard, which increases to five point locking when the optional electronic operator is fitted. 

    On our aluminium roller garage doors, the construction of the roller and the connection into the automatic operator prevent the door being forcibly opened from the outside.

    As you can see, whatever role your garage plays within your home, an Everest garage door has been designed to provide the best protection possible.

  • Spacious

    Everest designers set to work with the matter of space at the forefront of their mind.We understand that you might use your garage for more than just parking your car. For instance, you might have ladders to store or shelving units to accommodate and therefore need side spaces to be kept clear. That's why we have a range of garage doors to utilise the room you have, rather than wasting it.

    Everest side-hinged garage doors are particularly useful when the garage is used for other reasons than parking a car. You can open just one door to access the garage and as the doors open outwards it means the inside wall and ceiling space is kept clear.

    Everest roller garage doors are especially well-suited to properties with a shorter driveway or homes where you want to maximise your garage space. This style allows you to park right up against the door because it opens vertically. Plus, when the door is open, the roller door curtain is fully enclosed to provide you with the maximum drive through height. The door curtain enclosure is also right at the front of the garage which means the roof space and side walls of the garage are kept free for storage and extra shelving.

  • Safe

    We don’t just focus on the appearance, durability and security of your garage door, but your safety is also of the utmost importance to us. This is why we’ve adopted and included a whole range of safety measures to ensure your well-being is never compromised.

    With many garages now forming an integral part of the home, our remote control options have been designed to make sure you never have to step out the comfort of your car to open or close your garage door. If you prefer manual operation, all Everest garage doors are fitted with special balance springs to ensure effortless manoeuvrability when opening and closing.

    With such minimal effort needed on your part, you might not consider the overall weight of your door being a risk to your safety, but when you consider that a steel garage door can weigh hundreds of kilos, you might begin to recognise the dangers. With a manually operated mechanism, the springs at the side of the door ensure it will balance in whatever position it is held in. Even if one spring fails, the door will not drop.

    Everest roller garage doors have a curtain that is fully enclosed when open and the springs and side cables are covered with a strong aluminium trim so you never come into contact with them. 

    Our sectional doors feature panels that fit snugly together and the hinges are covered, so it is almost impossible to trap a finger. 

    Everest Garage Doors equipped with our electronic operator features also have an automatic safety cut-out that secures the closing edge immediately and stops the door moving if there is an obstruction. For instance, if a person or animal walks underneath whilst the door is closing, it stops and reverses automatically.

  • Tailored to your needs

    Everest Garage Doors are bespoke and therefore built to complement your exact needs. This means that every door is individually manufactured to the exact size of your garage door opening, ensuring a perfect fit. You can choose between smooth manual opening or automatic remote control opening doors, ensuring your garage doors are easy to use.

    Rather than picking off the shelf, we have developed a range of colours and design options that you can mix and match to ensure your new garage door blends in with the existing style of your home. You could even match it with your Everest front door.

    Our one piece and side hinged steel garage doors are available in exclusive new designs with a choice of vertical, horizontal ribs or panelled styles. We also give you more colour options as standard with 16 stylish shades to choose from.

    If you’re looking for a more traditional look, our single piece timber garage doors come in 4 attractive styles and our side hinged timber garage doors come in 2. Our timber ranges come in a choice of 6 stained finishes, and both steel and timber also have glazed options and LED lighting available.

    If it’s our sectional garage doors that have caught your attention, we’re delighted to offer you a wide range of design options and 12 different door colours.

    And if you’re looking to utilise your space as much as possible, then our roller garage door is available in a choice of 11 colours and finishes, with glazed options and LED lighting available, as well.

  • 10 year guarantee

    Everest Garage Doors are built to last and, as such, our entire range comes with excellent guarantees.

    • 10-year guarantee on all garage doors including the finish on steel and aluminium doors
    • 12-month guarantee on exterior timber finish of timber garage doors
    • 5-year guarantee on mechanical parts of automatic operator
    • 2-year guarantee on electronic parts of automatic operator

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All our products are bespoke, so to provide an accurate quote an appointment is required. Simply fill in the form below and let us know a time that suits you. Partial or full completion of the form will stimulate a follow up to confirm the appointment.

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