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One Piece Garage Doors

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Why choose a one-piece garage door?

Our aim is to make highly stylish garage doors that enhance your home security. By using the latest advances in technology, Everest One Piece Garage Doors offer the following extraordinary benefits:

Unique to Everest

  • Unique colours and designs only available at Everest
  • Thicker doors – our steel is 0.6mm thick, compared to the industry standard 0.45mm

And still there’s more…

  • Installation speed – we install quality bespoke garage doors within 7-weeks of purchase
  • More vibrant – our paint is 120 macrons compared to the standard 60
  • Styles to suit both modern and traditional homes
  • Multiple colour options allowing you to customise your home exactly as you’d like
  • 4-point locking system makes the door extra secure
  • Fully retractable to make the most of your space
  • Steel and timber options available
  • Made to measure for a perfect fit
  • 10-year guarantee on materials and workmanship of steel doors
  • 10- year guarantee on the door’s mechanics
  • 12-month guarantee on a timber exterior finish

Our one-piece garage doors are...



Our steel doors are tough, with 0.6mm thick steel panels instead of the industry standard 0.45mm. And our timber one-piece garage doors are constructed within a robust steel chassis.

More secure

More secure

Our steel and timber one-piece garage doors come with a 4 point locking as standard. For your safety and peace of mind, if you choose an electronic operator to open and close your garage door, it will automatically retract if obstructed.

Comprehensively guaranteed

Comprehensively guaranteed

Our steel one-piece garage doors come with a 10 year guarantee on materials and workmanship. And our timber one-piece doors come with a 10 year guarantee on the mechanical working of the door, and a 12 month guarantee on the timber exterior finish.

View our one piece garage door options

  • Steel painted colours

    • Arctic White Arctic White
    • Black Black
    • Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Red
    • Charcoal Charcoal
    • Slate Blue Slate Blue
    • Traffic Red Traffic Red
    • Turquoise Blue Turquoise Blue
    • Mocha Brown Mocha Brown
    • Chartwell Green Chartwell Green
    • Dove Grey Dove Grey
    • Everest Blue Everest Blue
    • Golden Oak Golden Oak
    • Magnolia Magnolia
    • Porcelain Blue Porcelain Blue
    • Racing Green Racing Green
    • Battleship Grey Battleship Grey
    • Jet Black Jet Black
  • Timber stains

    • Burnt Oak Burnt Oak
    • Dalgerbia Rosewood Dalgerbia Rosewood
    • Dark Walnut Dark Walnut
    • Ebony Ebony
    • Light Oak Light Oak
    • Red Mahogany Red Mahogany
  • Steel One-Piece Handles

    • Black Black
  • Timber One-Piece Handles

    • Brass Brass
    • Silver Silver
  • Manual

  • Yes
  • Automatic

  • Optional
  • Glazing

  • Optional
  • Door construction

  • 10 years
  • Paint finish

  • 10 years
  • Timber finish

  • 12 months
  • Automatic operator mechanical parts

  • 5 years
  • Automatic operator electrical parts

  • 2 years

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